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Synonyms for uneasiness

Synonyms for uneasiness

Synonyms for uneasiness

feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable

physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression)

embarrassment deriving from the feeling that others are critically aware of you

the trait of seeming ill at ease

Related Words

inability to rest or relax or be still

References in classic literature ?
His latent uneasiness had been, that bad aims were being worked out in his own unhappy land by bad instruments, and that he who could not fail to know that he was better than they, was not there, trying to do something to stay bloodshed, and assert the claims of mercy and humanity.
But at last he had suddenly felt the same uneasiness again, as though his conscience smote him.
Hunger now began to cause more uneasiness than the apprehensions of surrounding enemies.
This consideration gave him no little uneasiness, till Betty, the elder sister, was so kind, some time afterwards, entirely to cure him by a hint, that one Will Barnes, and not himself, had been the first seducer of Molly; and that the little child, which he had hitherto so certainly concluded to be his own, might very probably have an equal title, at least, to claim Barnes for its father.
It is worthy of remark, too, as illustrating a little feature in the character of Miss Sally Brass, that, although on her own account she would have borne the discomforts of the Wilderness with a very ill grace, and would probably, indeed, have walked off before the tea appeared, she no sooner beheld the latent uneasiness and misery of her brother than she developed a grim satisfaction, and began to enjoy herself after her own manner.
by PTI ChSchool children being taken to hospital by an ambulance for treatment after they complained of uneasiness following ammonia gas leak from a nearby cold storage, in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.
According to reports, the DMK supremo was admitted to the hospital after he complained of uneasiness in breathing.
I had a friend in a town about 100 miles away, who, shortly after her husband died, expressed uneasiness in living alone and going out alone.
Summary: Jayarajan was not injured but he reported uneasiness and was shifted to hospital
Men tend to have a general distrust and fear of such trials, but women's uneasiness is often based on how the medication tested would affect them.
Daily commuters said that 6 to 10 beggars including women holding their newly born babies walk freely in the crowded trains to seek some money causing discomfort and uneasiness among the passengers.
BDI's central leadership follows the events in Skopje's settlement of Gjorce Petrov with great uneasiness and considers that the murder of the young high-school graduate shook up the entire public.
Nevertheless, Ahmeti's latest visit to Sofia following his earlier visits to Washington and Berlin and Fatmir Besimi's to Athens and Sofia appears to have caused uneasiness in the Macedonian political circles.
Adamovski explains that the birth rate in Macedonia has reduced in half but except for sighs of uneasiness from the very thought, it is hard to believe that another effect will be gotten from the apocalyptic statements that the nation will disappear.
Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi met with China's future leader on the second day of a visit that seeks to deepen economic and diplomatic ties despite Beijing's uneasiness about the Arab Spring.