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Synonyms for unearth

Synonyms for unearth

to find by investigation

Synonyms for unearth

bring to light

Related Words

recover through digging

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They are also believed to be older than lacquerware unearthed from the Kaboto ruins in the lower Yangtze River region in China, which had been considered the world's oldest, dating about 7,000 years back, according to the board and Shoichi Yoshizaki, professor of archeology at the Sapporo International University.
Paleontologists (fossil unearthed a perfectly intact wooly mammoth, assembled the longest-necked dinosaur, and uncovered what may be the world's oldest tree.
Remnants of the Colonia lullia Viennensium were first unearthed in 1967, and at the end of the 1980s, the Rhone General Council held a design competition for a new museum of Gallo-Roman civilisation.
18, 1998--Florida's unclaimed property program, known as "The Great Florida Treasure Hunt," recently unearthed a treasure trove of fine wine and returned it to its rightful owners.
London, Sept 2 (ANI): The remains of horses and wooden chariots have been unearthed from a Zhou Dynasty tomb in Luoyang, Henan Province, China that dates back almost 3,000-years.
CAIRO: French archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of 3,000-year-old colored limestone blocks believed to have been used to build the sacred lake walls of a temple dedicated to the goddess Mut.
Head of the national expedition working at the bathhouses Basim Hassan said the expedition unearthed two clay lanterns at the site, in addition to a number of clay pieces of different sizes and shapes dating back to the Byzantine Era.
Cincinnati Museum Center welcomes Dinosaurs Unearthed, an exhibit exploring exciting new theories in paleontology
Newspapers and bottles from the 19th century are among items to have been unearthed during the regeneration project.
SEVERAL treasures of major historical significance have been unearthed on the proposed N7 Castletown-Nenagh dual-carriageway.
During the 2005 field season, the paleontologists unearthed seven more neck vertebrae and eventually uncovered Ralph's skull, upside down and half a meter away from the rest of him.
The only admission of guilt has come from George Graham, whose pounds 475,000 bung from Norwegian agent Rune Hauge was unearthed by the Inland Revenue, not an inquiry.
Construction workers unearthed the remains of what is believed to be one of two species of mammoth at the Meridian Hills development site last week.
AMATEUR archaeologists believe they have found the missing link to a 2,000-year-old neck- lace unearthed by a farm labourer in 1965.
A metal detector enthusiast unearthed a Roman coin so rare it bears the face of a mystery emperor who 'ruled' Britain for a matter of days.