unearned income

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personal income that you did not earn (e

(accounting) income received but not yet earned (usually considered a current liability on a company's balance sheet)

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For 2015, net unearned income is total unearned income less $1,050 (the minimum standard deduction for a dependent), less another $1,050 or allowable itemized deductions directly connected with the production of the unearned income, whichever is greater (Revenue Procedure 2014-61).
However, the TRA defined unearned income to include anything except Sec.
Texas law does require filers to report values associated with unearned income - such as bank interest, stock dividends and the sale of property or business investments.
Unearned income, more commonly referred to as investment income, has only been subject to federal income tax.
It begs the question: what is the logic behind unearned income being taxed at a lower rate than earned income?
New Hampshire has never taxed earned income (wages), but in 1923, it started taxing unearned income with the enactment of the interest and dividends tax.
Tracking Washington: House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel said lawmakers are considering paying for healthcare legislation by imposing a new tax on unearned income such as capital gains, a measure aimed at wealthier Americans.
Generally, for 2010, a dependent child must file a tax return if the child has unearned income of more than $950 or total gross income in excess of the standard deduction (the greater of (a) $950, or (b) earned income plus $300, but not exceeding $5,700).
Loans and leases, net of unearned income, increased 3.
THE Scottish government are looking at how to tax unearned income in a change to their plans to replace the council tax.
Usually, taxpayers would rather defer income, but right now, it may make better sense to elect out of section 453 where (1) the installment note period is short, (2) adjusted gross income falls in the $200,000 to $300,000 range for taxpayers filing jointly, and (3) the taxpayer has a greater proportion of earned income than unearned income.
Rothschild states he "believes in taxing unearned income at higher rates than earned income.
Unearned income does not only come from exploitation of other people.
Unearned income from philanthropic sources (foundations, corporations, the government, and individuals) totaled $1.
In economic circles it is known as unearned income, a rarer commodity in most cases than the money for which we work.