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Antonyms for uneager

lacking interest or spirit or animation


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Meanwhile, the Future movement and the Socialist Progressive Party seem uneager to introduce any major amendments to the law that prevailed in the past two elections.
Talented young professional accountants sometimes appear uneager to learn new skills, tackle new projects, or initiate new ways of getting the job done.
Iyad Allawi's declining to attend this meeting might be for he is uneager due to the many meetings during the past period which led to nothing due to the lack of real intention and willingness to actually solve the crisis," he added.
For Pearlstein, many Democrats were uneager to waste "political capital cleaning up Bush's mess.
standpoint, Syria is far down the list of current foreign policy priorities and, with an Israeli government that has appeared generally uneager to take steps viewed as necessary to revive the bilateral peace track, there is little to be gained from additional substantive U.
Granted, a let's-do-it-while-we-can attack on Iran would provide visceral release in certain quarters, but Iran is a nation already built and notably uneager to be rebuilt.
Marsupial Marsupial is cute but lazy, uneager to find extra ways he can work.
An unexplored sense of desire overtakes the older woman, and she pursues the not uneager but eminently unsuitable younger woman through coffee and dinner invitations.