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characterized by an absence of force or forcefulness


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Instead, she opted for familiar, obvious, and undynamic music.
The undynamic duo, banned from selling drugs outside the local convenience store, discover that a cartoon strip based on them, Bluntman and Chronic, is being turned into a film and that there's not chance of them getting any money - they also chance upon the internet and find that they are being bad mouthed by film nerds.
But still might, given their undynamic display against Aston Villa.
While modern productions and critical studies have shown how Alice Arden skilfully exploits the roles of victimized wife and sexual rebel, Arden's identity has been regarded as divided and undynamic.
But Tan, like many contemporary film and video artists, shows images that are deliberately undynamic.
To accept that would be to take a completely undynamic view of personal identity, one that is contrary to Sivanandan's whole way of thinking.
The shops, for example, feel undynamic, even sleepy, and do not open on Sunday.
Huang is convinced that Qing civil justice--in contrast to its customary undynamic depiction--was "characterized by built-in paradoxes" (15).
Prevalent historiography on Burma (a Theravada Buddhist society), for example, frequently misconstrues Theravada Buddhism as a static set of beliefs, with a similarly undynamic symbolic representation of those beliefs in religious iconography, social institutions, and the notion of kingship.
68) The sale of nine sugar-processing firms was sidelined by the flagging buying interest of undynamic sugar cooperatives.
Their failure to enforce a strict standard of competition is imposing on financial institutions and, in consequence, our entire economy, a far worse and costly ultimate fate: an inefficient, undynamic, noncompetitive financial system that will ultimately have to be governed by a massive system of direct governmental regulation.
The PCI's electoral decline since the mid-1970s (caused by the decline in subcultural voting, erosion of the party's mass social base with technological change, its organisational problems, undynamic leadership and permanent political isolation), coupled with a crisis after the resignation of the leader, Natta, in 1988 following devastating results in local elections, meant that there was a growing space for a reformist alternative in Italian politics.
This reflected the relatively early stage of industrial restructuring, the existence of a large and undynamic state enterprise sector, and the effects of discrimination on EC markets.
In terms of performance, Hendrick said the industry should enjoy steady, but undynamic, growth in the base metals markets during the coming years.
But several factors are combining to change this rather undynamic situation.