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Synonyms for undying

Synonyms for undying

not being subject to death

Synonyms for undying

never dying


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The figure ahead was that of the black dator of the First Born, Thurid, whose undying enmity I had earned that time I laid him low with my bare hands in the courtyard of the Temple of Issus, and bound him with his own harness before the noble men and women who had but a moment before been extolling his prowess.
At first her weeping affected him, and feeling himself a beast he redoubled his protestations of undying passion; but now it irritated him: it would have been all very well if she had been a girl, but it was silly of a grown-up woman to cry so much.
And, much as he had been taught by his white masters to hate and despise niggers, he learned in the course of these thirty hours an especially bitter and undying hatred.
Pocock* won his spurs as a slave-driver and earned the undying hatred of the proletariat.
It is undying, it is but a memory, and its vividness cannot be made clear to another mind, any more than the vivid emotions of a dream.
Dastgir reiterated Pakistan's undying commitment to support the cause of Kashmiri freedom, morally and diplomatically.
Written and directed by Ajoka's executive director Shahid Nadeem, the play, takes its audience on a whirlwind journey into the Pakistan's political history and enables them to take stock and experience the events, the stories of shattered dreams and undying hope.
Parashar will showcase a collection titled 'Immortelle' that derives inspiration from the Victorian glass house through its lush flora and fauna and the undying spirit of a woman.
This user professed his undying love for the forgotten Pluto, while another one took a jab at US President Donald Trump.
IT'S a mystery to me how many times your correspondent G Hughes, of Tyseley, gets to drone on week after week about his obvious dislike of Aston Villa, Not once has he ever declared his undying love for his team from Small Heath which one would think he is ashamed of.
Moreover, the new strike, "The Undying Mind," supposedly shows a similarity to the Sekrion mission.
If Roman Abramovich had never interfered in team affairs, if he never imposed Andriy Shevchenko (right) upon his manager, who has no problems working alongside some sort of technical director, and if the relationship between the Russian and the Portuguese never broke down and if Mourinho was not sacked and has always held an undying love for Chelsea Football Club deep in his bosom, then why did he ever leave Stamford Bridge in the first place?
Summary: Muscat: Spurred by a mutual undying love of art, an Omani architect, an Indian teacher, .
I have an undying passion for hospitality and hope to further my career with Malmaison.
I am now totally convinced that our universities run special courses for today's public servants where to qualify with an honours degree all you need is a lack of common sense and an undying commitment to abide by the unwritten rule that to succeed all they have to do is undermine everything that is decent and correct within society.