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Synonyms for undutiful

lacking due respect or dutifulness


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I knew you would say so; though mamma affirmed you would be quite shocked at my undutiful conduct.
The doctor retired into the kitchen, where, addressing himself to the landlady, he complained bitterly of the undutiful behaviour of his patient, who would not be blooded, though he was in a fever.
Had there been any scandal in the dead man's family, or had his sons been wild or undutiful, then there might have been a glimmering of reason in this most unusual action; but Eben Hale's domestic happiness had been proverbial in the community, and one would have to travel far and wide to discover a cleaner, saner, wholesomer progeny of sons and daughters.
His father never really forgave him for this undutiful stupidity.
Wherefore she desired that Dolly would be kissed immediately, on pain of her just displeasure; at the same time giving her to understand that whatever she saw her mother do, she might safely do herself, without being at the trouble of any reasoning or reflection on the subject--which, indeed, was offensive and undutiful, and in direct contravention of the church catechism.
and in all probability it would have stood over for one day at least, had it not been for the prompt, though, at first sight, undutiful behaviour of Sam, who, seizing his father by the skirt of the coat, dragged him to the counter, and pinned him there, until he had affixed his signature to a couple of instruments; which, from Mr.
Provincial Minister said that inefficient and undutiful staff were mere burden on the health department and at the same time such staff earned bad name for the provincial government and warned that all such elements would be weeded out of the department.
In this sense, the Supreme Court of Venezuela, in the Haydee Casanova Case of December 15, 1992, stated that "the amparo action set forth in the Constitution, and regulated in the Organic Amparo law, has among its fundamental characteristic its basic personal or subjective character, which implies that a direct, specific and undutiful relation must exist between the person claiming for the protection of his rights, and the person purported to have originated the disturbance, who is to be the one with standing to act as defendant or the person against whom the action is filed.
Some children in the West are undutiful toward their parents and behave harshly using bitter words without showing any compassion, humanity and loyalty.
He was reported as saying: "The most serious of cardinal sins are ascribing a partner to God, killing a human being, being undutiful to one's parents, and making a false statement, and in another version of the hadith "and giving a false testimony" is added.
Mary was a queen but not a mother, a pious Protestant but an undutiful daughter struck down young by smallpox.