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Synonyms for undulatory

resembling waves in form or outline or motion


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Undulatory swimming in sand: subsurface locomotion of the sandfish lizard.
It was hypothesized that linear periodization would result in physical fitness improvements and undulatory linear periodization would result in in physical fitness maintenance in the young soccer athletes.
Undulatory locomotion in elongate aquatic vertebrates: anguilliform swimming since Sir James Gray.
Thin sections present an irregular foliation defined by chlorite formation after amphibole separated by undulatory quartz and mantle and core structures of the plagioclase.
the corpuscular theory of light, as opposed to the undulatory that was revived during the romantic age by Thomas Young (1773-1829).
1926) An undulatory theory of the mechanics of atoms and molecules.
But in the rear of the fish, where the undulatory motion happens, it's quite soft and compliant.
The disciplinary man was a discontinuous producer of energy, but the man of control is undulatory, in orbit, in a continuous network" (6).
There is also the supposition that corpuscular and undulatory descriptions correspond to real aspects of subatomic particles; and something similar applies to any model whatsoever.
Schrodinger, Erwin, 'An Undulatory Theory of the Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules', Physical Review, vol.
2003), many other factors which are different among plant species, as posture and pattern of undulatory movement in water currents, rates of leaf growth and senescence, release of allelopathic and other chemical substances, may affect the richness and abundance of associated invertebrate taxa.
If we could play God and create an undulatory swimmer, how stiff should its body be?
Anhedral quartz forms big grains or aggregates of grains with typical undulatory extinction.