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The all of the data is recorded in the form of dated such as: data 01, data 02 until data10, for the 10 values of position taken along a length of undulation (Table 2), such as (Fig.
Since early tests resulted in dull, hazy patches in the valleys of the undulations, engineers tweaked the process by increasing the flow of the plating solution in localized areas, ensuring a uniform, shiny finish.
Always a great challenge for journalism is seeing and reporting the big undulations, often not understood or not visible enough, that eventually turn the course of civilization, turn the world.
Their facilities are first class and as a track it is characteristic for it's total lack of undulation ensuring an equal surface for all types of race-horse.
Down the grey stairs are four main galleries under a roof that is a reflection of the grid of the stelae and the artificial undulation of the Field overhead.
They're 30 percent bigger than our old greens and with plenty of undulation.
Five par-5s and as many par-3s present a different scoring dynamic on this course, which includes large greens that are good rolling but also challenge with tiers, slope and undulation.
Sloped and firm, with plenty of undulation to keep you focused, they put most of the bite in the defense against par on the longer, par-72 Los Lagos course - just 6,542 yards from the tips - as well as the par-70 Mesa Linda course that stretches to just 5,538 yards.
Hockney's sets are a riot of color and undulation, a perfect complement to Strauss' irresistible score, which the company's music director, Kent Nagano, conducted with enviable attention to orchestral detail and interpretive nuance.
The gentle geometric undulation of the dome (appropriately resembling a crash-landed flying saucer, but also alluding to the domed telescope housing and the infinite vault of the sky) is the only part of the building to rise above the existing line of the horizon, so the hotel seems barely there.
An undulation on all fours gradually involves the legs and head.
Last year was pretty difficult - the green was a lot of undulation, sloping greens and fast - but this year was, I think, more (difficult) than last year.
The speed, combined with the undulation of the greens and some difficult Friday pin placements put a premium on accurate approach shots.
Unfortunately, the (PGA Tour's Tournament Player Club) courses have cleared everything away so people can see so much that they've taken all the trees out of the golf courses and we play too many golf courses that are just 85-yard-wide fairways and 8,000-square foot greens and no undulation,'' Kite said.
You can get the same benefits of doing crunches by doing an undulation.