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I felt it my duty to bring this lurking danger to the notice of the authorities, before the situation became worse and the current undulation in the road doesn't turn into a pothole.
This thrust is east-west oriented with bends and undulations and its dip is ranging from 52deg to 60deg.
They noted that the maximum of the number of local Nusselt is located at the upstream of each undulation, whereas the minimum of the number of local Nusselt was placed downstream, at a short distance of the peak of each undulation.
Engineers regard the process of endowing the medals with their characteristic undulation as "giving the medals a heart.
At the micro-scale, local topography significantly influenced size, while both undulation shape and slope were significantly correlated with abundance, implicating a geographic determinant at this scale on arboreal size and distribution.
The four fluid dance movements forming the core of Liquid Asana are the circle, the wave, spiral, and undulation.
These images are then layered upon the 3-D foundation to better align and place objects without distortion or undulation.
Swimming is another thing--feeling like you're in the ocean, going through waves, helps to give an undulation through the body.
Multimedia displays and the undulation of the ceiling design and layout of the trading desks convey the spirited tempo of the facility.
The main retail floor continues the theme of disarming undulation.
Squeezing at the perenium to initiate an upward undulation triggers a series of electric and muscular responses: the contraction wants to continue upward.
Movement proceeds from left to right in a rapid, braided undulation, but the effect is oddly less mesmerizing than that of the show's strongest video, Coke Girl.
With a single undulation of its tail, the shark sprung at the bait, which was uncomfortably close to our cage.
In "hard news" terms that was a pretty good event signaling the coming of nuclear power, so one day's stories really could be seen as evidence of a great earthly undulation.
These sophisticated golf animations not only highlight fairway features and terrain, but also debut the "Green-Grid," a dynamic landform model that demonstrates the topography and undulation of greens by showing how 200 balls dropped on the green roll with the break and come to rest.