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resembling waves in form or outline or motion


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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease with an undulant course and has a prevalence of 0.
In humans, the disease usually is marked with undulant fever, headache, fatigues, back pain, general malaise and arthritis.
Grossly, the tumors were polypoidal, white bits of tissue with undulant surface.
23K), these more distinct toward periphery, but evanescing on base which is more glossy and sculptured only with close-set, microscopic, incised spiral threads, rendered irregularly undulant by growth-lines.
All reported cases had typical clinical characteristics, including undulant fever, night sweats, chills, and weakness; some cases were associated with encephalitis, meningitis, and arthritis.
blossoms, a fresh, Undulant hurt, so body snaps and curls Like flower.
Perhaps most striking is the lumpy, undulant stage floor, resembling a rolling sea and serving as a metaphor for the unstable minds of the characters, and perhaps too the decidedly uneven moral field of the opera.
I go the way the weather goes, though not always in sync; eddies of energy rise and fall in me, travel me in a ceaseless, undulant, sometimes turbid, and recursive circuit.
The female form seems 'pumped up', plump with sexual desire and dressed up in undulant purples that seem more Disney Princess than contusion or bruise.
The undulant fever epidemic lies and many others like them were repeated in subsequent magazine articles read by tens of millions of people, as well as in countless newspaper articles in the ensuing years" Schmid lamented.
Prosternal process transverse and chisel shaped, diverging slightly towards its tip; edge of terminal ridge slightly undulant, no tubercles at the outer corners (Fig.
The lamination is mostly flat but sometimes undulant and distorted around tests and detrital grains.
Brucellosis, also called undulant fever, or Malta fever in humans, is a highly contagious disease spread by contact with infected animals, eating raw meat or unpasteurised cheese or drinking infected milk.
The landform is relatively flat, the topography gradually rises from west to east and it's in an undulant plain landform from a macroscopic view.