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unsuitable for drinking

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Unbreathable air, undrinkable water and inedible food are others.
and closed 44 There is a desperate shortage of medication and dressings and medical equipment, 90% of water is undrinkable and electricity supplies limited to only 2-3 hours a day.
We think it is absolutely crazy the Government wants to charge us for water that is undrinkable.
It said that the people of Aleppo were forced to seek their needs of water from rivers and other undrinkable water sources, " which poses a threat to the citizens' lives and warns of spreading epidemics among the residents.
The wine, which is now undrinkable, has been in the same family ever since it was given to a Hungarian prisoner of war post the conflict.
Mountain rocks covered for years are shedding minerals as ice melts off them - rendering water undrinkable with high levels of heavy metals such as cadmium and iron, Valverde said.
I had nothing in the house but a bottle of Israeli wine which I found UNDRINKABLE, a tin of Bouillabaisse and some stale bread.
We might one day, but it might be undrinkable, I don't know
Saudi Arabia is building the world's largest desalination plant in Ras al-Khair on the Gulf coast, but the GCC is increasingly concerned that the waters of the Gulf may become undrinkable if there are any leaks from energy installations into the water lying between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran.
In the Sahara, nomads are among those suffering most from limited access to water, particularly during the hotter periods when rising salt levels in water drawn from wells make it undrinkable.
However, some early imbibers of the beverage found it undrinkable.
While craft brews are all the rage, I'm waiting for someone to stand up and say that some, if not many, are nearly undrinkable.
Water was not available from a nearby well because the region's Water Authority had closed it down, citing the water as undrinkable.
For tap water, dirty water tanks, and ageing and unclean water pipes make water undrinkable.