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still wet or moist

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Predried PLA processed on a single-screw extruder will most likely result in less molecular-weight loss; however, the results indicate that processing undried PLA (or PET) on a TSE is viable for many, and probably most, products.
5] [91%] (a) Mechanical properties of the phenolic matrix after drying Values in parentheses represent the mechanical properties of dried matrices referred to those of the undried material (100%) TABLE 4.
Undried "green" wood like this is a bargain, and you can get whatever custom thicknesses you want.
Undried PET, pellets or regrind, is metered into a co-rotating twin screw extruder that is equipped with multi-stage vacuum venting to minimize and avoid hydrolysis.
The scientists wanted to relate them to the functionality of fresh undried isolate and frozen-thawed isolate.
Brush with the olive oil and rub with the cut garlic clove, return to the oven for another 15 minutes or until the bread is quite dry (if you put undried bread in the soup it will turn to mush).
Analysis of undried agricultural products with limited potential for a breeding program was reported in the past (Dardenne et al.
But smugglers are reported to offer as much as $3 per kg, will purchase undried green cloves, and collect from farmers themselves.
In the remaining undried sample, soil pH was measured by direct insertion of a Horiba D-24 pH probe.
Whole Stillage--The undried "bottoms" from the beer well comprised of nonfermentable solids, distiller's solubles, and the mashing water.
Two undried 10 g subsamples of each core (with roots, rhizomes and large organic debris removed) were placed in separate beakers of sodium hexametaphosphate solution (35.
More often found in Europe on certain coated papers, said Prince, chemical ghosting occurs when undried ink on one sheet imparts a usually yellow or brown image on the sheet above.
Use fewer teeth on thick or green material, such as pallet manufacturing, because the stringy, undried wood fibers will cause a blade with more teeth to bind and burn.
When undried molds are partially dehydrated in the autoclave, then allowed to rehydrate in air, gypsum crystals slowly recrystallize into granules about the size of sand grains and the mold acquires a porous structure of high permeability.