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Synonyms for undressed

Synonyms for undressed

of lumber or stone or hides

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having removed clothing

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This is why it's such a joy that Women He's Undressed doesn't merely celebrate Orry-Kelly as a purveyor of Golden Age screen glamour.
Undressed is being made by the same company that produced Wife Swap, Secret Millionaire and Shipwrecked.
MANY people get a thrill from watching others have sex or get undressed.
TONY KORNHEISER in The Washington Post after the hometown Redskins undressed the visiting San Francisco 49ers, 52-17: "How are the 49ers even in the NFL?
Supported by Morton Subotnick, composer of the original Parades and Changes score, and musician Miguel Frasconi, and stunningly lit by Jim Cave, the eight dancers undressed three times.
The full-scale replica (built by Mike Smith) of Landy's parents' home, meticulously recreates every detail, including flaking paint, loose wiring, and the undressed brickwork of the usually hidden party wall.
The court held that the officers did not use excessive force against the detainee when they forcibly undressed and searched him in a courthouse holding cell.
His work includes nude montage Sie Kommen [ETH] Undressed (they arrive undressed).
Many of the passers-by went along with the promotion, got up on the stage and undressed.
From the resident's standpoint, he or she typically had to be placed in bed to be undressed, transported to the shower in a robe or blanket, and then often strapped to the shower chair to avoid slumping over--in short, a lot of serious dignity and comfort issues.
He undressed, undressed the girl and laid on top of her.
By this logic, then, human beings can turn on the sexual meaning of their bodies at will, and our ability to determine which "mode" an undressed person is in will depend on our ability to read the "footnotes.
Which is the healthiest: (a) broiled flounder with a plain baked potato, an undressed salad, and a couple of unbuttered rolls, (b) spaghetti with tomato sauce, or (c) Szechuan shrimp with rice?
It intrudes into moments in which she is unguarded, sometimes undressed, absorbed into her own world in the privacy of her own environment.
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