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Synonyms for undress



Synonyms for undress

to remove all the clothing from

the state of being without clothes

Synonyms for undress

References in classic literature ?
As a rule, I undress and put my head on the pillow, and then somebody bangs at the door, and says it is half-past eight: but, to-night, everything seemed against me; the novelty of it all, the hardness of the boat, the cramped position (I was lying with my feet under one seat, and my head on another), the sound of the lapping water round the boat, and the wind among the branches, kept me restless and disturbed.
The old prince knew that if he told his daughter she was making a mistake and that Anatole meant to flirt with Mademoiselle Bourienne, Princess Mary's self-esteem would be wounded and his point (not to be parted from her) would be gained, so pacifying himself with this thought, he called Tikhon and began to undress.
I heard the thing just as I was beginning to undress," Granet explained.
It could scarcely be said to be within call, the walls, doors, and panelling of the old place were so cumbrous; but it was within easy reach, in any undress, at any hour of the night, in any temperature.
When Maggie went up to her bedroom that night, it appeared that she was not at all inclined to undress.
fixed a small digital camera in the dress and hung it on the washroom door in November to secretly film his flatmates undress.
He added: "The Crown alleges that he sent a photograph of himself in a state of undress to one of those girls.
The material scope of work includes, in particular: lawn edging undress, undress concrete curbs, sidewalks undress, undressing and bituminous concrete pavement,dismantling of cobble stone pavement and trylinki, executing the foundation concrete and crushed aggregate, laying paving and concrete slabs of concrete blocks, paving stones and laying of paving stone and basalt brick laying lawn edging, laying concrete and stone curbs, telephone wells altitude adjustment , sewerage, water meter, setting up the lawn and plantings execution, the execution of other work described in the Technical Specifications Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works and przedmiarach works.
SUNBATHERSCehave been told not to undress themselves in public as part of efforts to ensure expats and holidaymakers are respecting local customs.
The So You Think You Can Dance host is seen in various states of undress in the snaps and some are non-explicit featuring her and Patrick.
Now it's the turn of Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Mold to get ready to undress to impress.
A Syrian sales manager fooled a woman into believing that he was interested in marrying her, made her undress during a video call and threatened to defame her by circulating her photos and video footage if she did not come to the UAE to have sex with him, a court heard.
New York, July 19 ( ANI ): A rulebook that was published decades ago, advised women on how to undress for their husbands.
Saurabh Kumar, who passed out of the institute in 2009, has accused a senior faculty member of forcing students to undress before each other.
Detectives raided Davies' home and found "thousands" of images of the adult woman in various states of undress on his home computer.