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One of the Islamist parties, which made undreamed-of gains at the ballot box, chose to replace pictures of its female contenders with roses on its campaign posters.
The pages lead us out of despair and into undreamed-of solutions.
Mr Clegg's widely-praised performance has electrified the election contest, sending his party soaring to undreamed-of heights in the polls and eliminating a commanding Conservative lead which had lasted almost three years.
At the same time, other groups of individuals enjoying influence, status and power have achieved gains that are unimaginable and are living at undreamed-of levels of affluence.
And so begins a rivalry that continues through twin careers that travel a dirt road of undreamed-of success, habitual gambling, drugs, bimbos and gangsters.
This millennium has offered us many undreamed-of technologies, microscopic and robotic surgeries, and incredible cures, but it also comes with a big package of undesirables and setbacks like global warming, environmental toxins, and bundles of modern-age diseases.
For a college student with a penchant for cerebral postmodern discourse and a lust for Hollywood musicals, Tharp's work was like sweetbreads and succotash--an undreamed-of fusion of things I adored.
That's especially true because Obama has a problem that presents an undreamed-of possibility for McCain.
This is an otherworldly realm of both extreme formal beauty and undreamed-of suffering.
Inventor, author and futurist Ray Kurzweil forecast the fields of computing and biology coming together to take artificial intelligence to undreamed-of new horizons.
Even if every narrative were no more than an ego trip, the blogosphere would hold undreamed-of healing power for queer youths and young adults.
Landwirth's remarkable life journey ultimately led him from heart wrenching deprivation in Germany's death camps to undreamed-of success as a hotelier in America.
That transition would eventually make undreamed-of profits for Levi Strauss and its many competitors.
DiCaprio and Damon give explosive, emotionally complex performances, but it must be said that Jack Nicholson reaches undreamed-of heights of decadent devilment as Irish mob kingpin Frank Costello.
In this exciting period, new materials and techniques created previously undreamed-of possibilities which were exploited to the full by innovative designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen and Ettore Sottsass.