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not imagined even in a dream

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Correcting the neandertal stereotype would enable us to learn--humbly and to our benefit--that those ancient cousins, like our own ancestors, knew a few basic things about life and living that we have forgotten and will have to relearn if we and our planet are to have any future at all, let alone one which could allow us to evolve further and realize our as yet undreamed of human potential.
What doesn't make sense and has never made sense is to take a regulatory framework developed for Ma Bell in the 1930s and make her great grandchildren with technologies and options undreamed of 80 years ago live under it" Jim Cicconi ATandT's SVP of external and legislative affairs wrote in a blog post.
The more the Westemphasises a belligerent course of action, the more President Putin's popular support, already in a range undreamed of by Western leaders (80% approval), will harden rather than soften in Russia.
His book provides the exact method and specific exercises, timing, repetitions and diet recommendations based on body type, as well as videos and charts to customize one's workout so that they can achieve a level of fitness previously Undreamed of by other than elite athletes.
Viz summed up the spirit of punk fanzines of the era, but would go on to achieve undreamed of popularity and sales figures for the Donald brothers.
These are waiting times undreamed of in any reasonably organised society.
But a group of entrepreneurs is putting up at least $1 million to see if they, or other safety features as yet undreamed of, are a possible solution to the epidemic of gun violence.
Yet, perceived wisdom has it that Jose Mourinho (Mark II) will immediately start reliving the glory days at Chelsea, Manuel Pellegrini will take City to undreamed of heights while new United boss David Moyes will struggle badly in the aftermath of Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement.
rendering stage, what will be a US$ 1 billion development, shows the promise of facilities and amenities hitherto undreamed of
Technologies can now reach undreamed of limits, not only for their ability to broadcast images but also for their seductive potential, their subtly produced language and their insistent messages .
It is still the third largest steerable telescope in the world and a series of upgrades mean it is now more capable than ever, observing phenomena undreamed of when it was first conceived.
But two and a quarter centuries later, after abandoning God's law in the public sphere, we behold a government of unprecedented size and scope, possessing powers undreamed of by the worst of the 18th-century Kings and Emperors, seemingly answerable to no one -- least of all Almighty God, whose 10 Commandments they publicly exile, insult, and violate.
This goes along with the hordes of people living in conditions undreamed of by two-thirds the world, but still feeling short-changed somehow, and deserving a chunk of others' possessions.
It is meant to empower our customers to do business with an undreamed of number of new clients and to become the leading e-commerce provider in emerging markets the world over.
It's an industry of men, and machines undreamed of a few short years ago.