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At the same time Saint-Gobain obtained the agreement from banks to extend the maturity of another undrawn revolving credit facility for Euro 2.
Callidus also posted total debt of CDN 195m, or 32% of gross loans receivable, which we could increase to approximately 44% based on the estimated undrawn availability noted previously
This undrawn facility will be replaced by a new five-year revolving credit facility of $1 billion.
The company currently has around half a billion dollars of cash and immediate and undrawn credit availability for corporate purposes.
The tensile behavior of the polycarbonate is examined in both the undrawn and drawn states as functions of the temperature and the strain rate.
Interest on undrawn borrowings will be payable at 0.
It replaces Xplore's current $15 million lending facility, also undrawn at present, provided by Square 1 Bank.
The new guidelines assign all categories of housing-related credit to specific risk-weight categories and thereby, in effect, specify the amount of capital that creditors need to fund outstanding balances on home equity loans and on the undrawn portions of credit lines.
Ingram Micro's liquidity was solid at March 31, 2008 and consisted of an undrawn $275 million senior unsecured RCF expiring August 2012, an undrawn (Australian) $100 million senior unsecured RCF expiring December 2008 and approximately $1.
Premier retained significant cash and undrawn facilities of c.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 17, 2010-New Gold Inc concludes USD150m undrawn revolving credit facility(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
In addition to the $7 billion term loan, the senior secured credit facilities will also include a $2 billion six-year revolver that is expected to be undrawn at closing.
The company also had an undrawn $253 million revolver with $49 million in letters of credit outstanding.
3 million of outstanding debt, which includes $200 million of undrawn revolving credit facilities and 25% debt credit for the convertible preferred shares.
3 billion of revolver capacity most of which is undrawn, principally through TDS's $600 million revolving credit facility and USM's $700 million revolver, which both mature in 2009.