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stripped of drapery

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lacking drapery or draperies

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The Moorish Bath', he said, was 'the most daring of the undraped representations--the prominent figure being an apparently entirely nude woman (though encased I believe in delicate pink fleshings) with a slight transparent gauze thrown across the lower portion of the body'.
That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man.
Combining a healthy love for the undraped human body with a brutal dedication to stark privation in perfecting it, Macfadden comes across as one of the 20th century's most driven and fascinating kooks, fighting to liberate America from the chains of prudery, appetite, the medical establishment, and good taste.
Those are the bare facts - and ironically they are the only undraped things in the saga, because the play's title is actually the name of a painting by an artist whose death has caused something of a stir.
Hence, he argues, despite the privileging of the effects of art done from life, deploying fully undraped female models in the studio was a rare practice.
By thus dividing the sympathies of labour and setting the craft prejudices of the east against the industrial tendencies of the west, employers were able to prolong a discussion of collective bargaining when the undraped facts of the case were that collective bargaining as interpreted by the employers meant dealing with several weak unions, while collective bargaining as demanded by the workers meant dealing with one strong amalgamation.
While female navels and nipples (fantastically articulated as eyes) are extraordinary, undraped genitals in the drawings for Salome are male and ordinary.
It was a place where working men and women could escape their humdrum existence and laugh with the master clown of American slapstick comedies, Charlie Chaplin and his "little tramp"; swoon over Rudolf Valentino, the ultimate "Latin lover"; or gape at the undraped female flesh displayed by Mack Sennett's "bathing beauties.
She might have been able to carry off a seductively undraped monarch - but how scary for audiences if Philip did the same.
That sensuousness appears in the voyeurism of the narrator as he imagines the naked Maid-Moon's attempt to hide her "pure undraped / Pout of the sister paps" (ll.
Both their collections comprised many hands, some grasping sword hilts or attributes, feet in different poses, and the broken torsos of Greek and Roman statuettes, draped and undraped, unique examples of beautiful buttocks, chests and breasts.
Pater toys with this idea, in a characteristically off-hand dismissal of minute scholarship ("The latest gossip [1869] is of an undraped Mona Lisa found in some out-of-the-way corner of the late Orleans collection").
A closing attorney should "mould by reason the day of testimony into the marble of belief, chisel it to the line of equity, compare it with justice, and leave it like and undraped statue" (Donovan.
DeMille went on to be the granddaddy of the Biblical epic, encapsulating our concept of gladiators, lions and undraped maidens, and famously parting the Red Sea in a giant tank at the back of the Paramount lot for The Ten Commandments.