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Synonyms for undomesticated

in a primitive state; not domesticated or cultivated; produced by nature

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not domesticated

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unaccustomed to home life

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Owning undomesticated animals as pets is like owning a dog or cat, she added.
Significantly, paternalist reformers often depicted the undomesticated of the metropole through tropes of colonial 'savagery'.
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Danger mals (D are cou pe Dangerous wild animals (DWA) licences are granted by councils to allow people to keep uept undomesticated animals as pets, providing they have safety measures in place at their home and pay a small fee.
In order for the woman to write in this doubly colonial world, the self must be in exile, she has to leave the rule of her community and become, if only in her writing, undomesticated, wild.
In the last half of the nineteenth century, Rousseau's 'noble savage' myth lost footing to the new idea of yet-to-be-colonized man who was not merely undomesticated, but in his potential for violence more urgently in need of European domination.
The husband's rapid fall in to undomesticated bliss is a result of living the life of an expat for sure.
Joy is found in the knowledge that these undomesticated beauties come from unadulterated sources.
If the houses are there," she said at a literary luncheon, "I have little doubt that the young women who are supposed to have become so undomesticated will be glad enough to settle down to them.
The native, undomesticated variety is known as a criollo, and is small, with dark black skin, and contains a large seed.
We have a world of neglected and undomesticated food options lying at our feet, but food production remains the captured domain of industry technocrats and suppliers because of their unyielding power.
The term we Western urbanites use derives from three old English words--'wild' 'deor' and 'ness'--and thus its literal meaning is "an area for undomesticated deer.
The monstrously hybrid mermaids and harpies that Guyon encounters on the sea "embod[y] the longstanding connection between hybridity, degeneration, and the undomesticated energies of the semi- or sub-human world," and this confusion is reflected by the "'desert" blanketed by a "grosse fog'" (74).
It takes a long conversation to notice that beyond the messy setting, despite the undomesticated set up, (which is typical of any single guy), you'll find a comfortable home.
On Animal Planet's RAISED WILD, discover the shocking phenomenon and horrifying truth of real life feral children who have actually been bred by undomesticated animals.