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owed as a debt

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still capable of exploding or being fired


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Being an undischarged bankrupt he was precluded from acting in the management or formation of a company.
Like most banks we do not currently offer accounts when someone is undischarged from bankruptcy.
The Insolvency Service said that such cases are rare, but it is the potential risk which is currently putting banks off offering accounts to undischarged bankrupts.
Sarah Brooks, director of financial services at Consumer Focus, said: "This is worrying news for people with undischarged bankruptcy who need access to an account to manage day-to-day life.
The decision to stop its basic Cashminder account from taking on undischarged bankrupts leaves Barclays as the only bank to offer such a service.
The Co-op's decision to stop its basic Cashminder account from taking on undischarged bankrupts leaves Barclays as the only bank offering the service.
The only disqualifications for elected representatives could be 'should be of sound mind'; 'should not be an undischarged insolvent'; 'should not have any pending criminal cases', etc.
The Board of the Anti-Crisis Fund could not approve the application over undischarged debt to Belarus by Kyrgyzstan.
Those declared bankrupt cannot, among other sanctions, be a company director without leave of the court; and cannot obtain credit in excess of pounds 500 while undischarged.
And Mr Finn, 56, of Bondicar Terrace, Blyth, is accused of being concerned in the running of the three companies between December 20, 2009 and November 23, 2010, when he too was an undischarged bankrupt.
Both machines are equipped with a second tier of buckets--memory buckets--which accept product Iron; any undischarged weighing buckets, holding the weight in memory for the controls to make up the next target weight.
The title search also will reveal whether there are undischarged mortgages or liens that need to be cleared at dosing.
Charity Citizens Advice said the majority of banks were refusing to let undischarged bankrupts open even a basic bank account, that did not have a credit facility, despite there being no legal justification for this.
Although Thorne is an undischarged bankrupt, the court said he was still responsible for the payments to his family.
Robertson admitted her past - NSW undercover cop, the Fiennes fling, call girl and undischarged bankrupt - meant it was 'embarrassing for some people to be associated with me'.