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not possible to diagnose

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I don't think that vulvodynia and vestibulodynia are "wastebasket" names for undiagnosable vulvar pain; rather, they are specific disease processes produced by pelvic floor dysfunction that predisposes a woman to neuropathic pain with a trigger or to a systemic pain syndrome that includes an abnormal pelvic floor.
39) If an act of witchcraft is "successful," the victim may experience strange and medically undiagnosable illnesses, possession by evil spirits, or in some cases, death.
Wylie, who has missed the earlier exploring, down with some undiagnosable aboriginal malady, arrives with other supplies and Eyre--along with fresh horses, bread, medicines, flour, tea--now has direction.
And against the conspiracy theories, Badian (1985:489), followed by O'Brien (1992:228), concludes that Alexander 'died of disease, undiagnosable to us.
I was hospitalized for one dire illness after another, often undiagnosable.
Because system-oriented physicians might be rewarded more for their contributions to the institution for which they work than for their attentiveness to their individual patients, the system itself has now become the "real" patient, and certain patients who make trouble for the system (the disobedient, the undiagnosable, the truculent or disagreeable, the multisystemically complexly ill, the non-remunerative) become like pathogens in the system and dangerous to the physician's interests.
Following her return home, Rankin suffered kidney infections, gallstones, liver inflammations, dysentery, scarlet fever, whooping cough, tonsillitis, neuralgia, seizures, comatose states, and full-body spasms; she underwent extensive medical treatments for these numerous ailments, as well as a more general, undiagnosable illness.
Fosca, an ugly, hysterical woman with undiagnosable illnesses and Giorgio, a dark prince whom she gradually draws away from Clara-the symbol of light and health--with her grave-like appeal, are iconoclastic characters whose contestation of gender and class conventions (14) reflects their creator's antagonistic reaction to conformism in post-Risorgimento Italy.
If you mess this up, this person could be fixed for life in an undiagnosable morass--not to put too much pressure on you
It was important to conceal from others our anxieties, compulsive behavior, strange phobias, fears, and nightmares and the physical maladies such as various intestinal disorders, undiagnosable aches, and fatigue.
As a subject of literary inquiry, it is richly imbued with symptoms of an undiagnosable and incurable disease; it marks sensitive points where consciousness and subjectivity lose contact, and expresses a particular dysfunction in the representation of selfdom.
This is to overlook Freud's agenda for the incipient science of psychoanalysis, which involved a painstaking effort to grant a social and material intelligibility to the "irrational" symptoms of his women patients, whose otherwise undiagnosable inflictions would have been dismissed by a patriarchal medical profession.
In addition, psychological interventions have been shown to increase the well-being and decrease the health care utilization of a group of patients generally regarded as problematic and frustrating in primary care, namely those individuals with undiagnosable physical symptoms and high rates of consultation, sometimes referred to as somatizers (Hiller & Fichter, 2004; McLeod, Budd, & McClelland, 1997; Winefield, Murrell, & Clifford, 1994); many of these patients are also likely to be suffering from anxiety or depression.
In "Rabbinical Eyes," the problem Rachel encounters in her marriage is that her child is born with some kind of undiagnosable defect which means that she cannot thrive.
Unlike other diseases, SARS was undiagnosable, untreatable, and fatal for one in every six people that contracted the disease.