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Synonyms for undeviating

going directly ahead from one point to another without veering or turning aside


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used of values and principles

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It had the undeviating line of brow and nose, the short upper lip, the perfect chin, that are united in marble oftener than in the flesh; and like marble she stood, or rather like some beautiful pale bronze; for that was her coloring, and she lost none of it that I could see, neither trembled; but her bosom rose and fell, and that was all.
It extends the profits of Gemalto's early investment in the development of e-government programs worldwide and highlights the benefits of the Company's undeviating focus on superior customer satisfaction.
The three-day event displayed more than 255 stalls and attracted more than 10,000 visitors, providing them undeviating access to national and international customers.
Pointing millions of foreign Filipino workers (OFW) from Northern and Central Luzon, Middle Eastern carrier Emirates will begin undeviating flights to Clark Freeport in Pampanga in October.
Tate remarks sardonically that "For years popular history, under the influence of Parson Weems, gave to the character of Washington all those undeviating and humorless virtues of boyhood which were in literal truth possessed only by Lee" (Princeton MS 39); Freeman acknowledges a near-fatal weakness in Lee's character that Washington did not share.
30) It is also, and decisively, suggested at the very outset of this domestic novel of manners when, under the panoptic gaze of "Grand Old Pierre" (his portrait), Pierre's "aristocratic" patriarchal mother anxiously, repeatedly--and prefiguratively--characterizes (in soliloquy) the order, harmony, and tranquility--the civilizationat ethos--she would instill (interpellate), by way of improvement, into her son, the vigorous and "noble" heir of the monumental Glendinning name, as "docility," that is, undeviating obedience to a higher call:
But Perth has flattened out, Sydney spins no more than any other pitch and the Gabba pitch for the first Test was so undeviating that in the last two days, only two wickets fell, The Age reports.
And though its control and polish distinguish it from Auder's previous work, Narcolepsy carries on the videographer's undeviating strategy of adapting new technology to his personal vision.
The virtue of art is "the undeviating determination of works to be made.
Besides, if you regard him very closely, and time him with your watch, you will find that when unmolested, there is an undeviating rhyme between the periods of his jets and the ordinary periods of respiration.
But the law in America was part of a radically different tradition: "With consistency, beautiful and undeviating," he wrote, "human life, from its commencement to its close, is protected by the common law.
The unfolding of two major administrative issues demonstrates his skill and undeviating dedication to the Institution first.
When he stepped out of the hospital door the grounds overwhelmed him: the cropped shrubbery, the edged lawns, the undeviating walks.
The indulgent Agathe's continuing, overwhelming love for Philippe led her to undeviating attempts to come to his rescue in a succession of scandals, where she does her best to cover up his crimes and put him so to speak back together.
That odor in Sartoris's "clothes and beard and flesh too which I believed was the smell of powder and glory, the elected victorious but know better now: know now to have been only the will to endure" (U 10), even that version of "glory" is betrayed by Bayard's observance "that his trousers were not Confederate ones but were Yankee ones, of new strong blue cloth" (11), which presages the coming political expediency in Sartoris that, after the conflict was over, would put his own undeviating fealty to the "simple code" embraced by his troops in question.