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Synonyms for undeviating

going directly ahead from one point to another without veering or turning aside


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used of values and principles

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It had the undeviating line of brow and nose, the short upper lip, the perfect chin, that are united in marble oftener than in the flesh; and like marble she stood, or rather like some beautiful pale bronze; for that was her coloring, and she lost none of it that I could see, neither trembled; but her bosom rose and fell, and that was all.
STARDOME Managing Director/CEO ANTHONY MICHAEL HERNANDEZ said, Out of all the MEXICO-based companies that I have worked with throughout the years none has demonstrated the highest regard for professionalism, strong business ethics, and an undeviating work focus like my friends at MVS RADIO.
Given that vendors must concern themselves with the complexities of a dynamic healthcare market and operational challenges, it is remarkable to see so many undeviating from their focus on helping providers succeed.
The speaker evokes a rapid and undeviating motion which is speechless and, as becomes clear over the course of the poem, thoughtless.
Her role on the court, like her role in life, is to be steady, un-heroic, undeviating and deferential.
Alex is a traditional painter with an eye for strongly structured landscapes and his work depicts the sort of undeviating precision that is rarely seen today.
Similarly to Peter Nadas's texts--but especially in his opus magnum, Parhuzamos tortenetek (Parallel Stories)--Forgacs is undeviating in the manner in which it uncovers what is not present in Hungarian cultural memory: what it keeps silent about, what it regularly and consistently with a few rare exceptions turns away from and does so in such a radically fragmented manner that it focuses on the very presence of this absence.
The council underscored the undeviating nature of the church's tradition and its identification with it by its repeated, almost obsessive affirmation of its continuity with previous councils, especially Trent and Vatican I.
The roles of undeviating evolution and transformation in the origin of Man.
Feinman, Chairman, Sewage Board Through Whose Undeviating Vision and Unflagging Effort This Airport was Raised Up and Created out of the Waste Land at the Bottom of Lake Rambaud at a Cost of One Million Dollars
A remarkable feature of Beckett's critical works is their undeviating commitment to the specifically aesthetic value of art and their resolute opposition to the use of artworks as vehicles for socio-cultural discourse.
4) What else is Naipaul's heroic career of undeviating devotion to the truth, even in the face of unrelenting attack on the part of the left-wing literary establishment, if not a testament to love and courage.
Beginning with the older generation of women who came of age just after the Civil War (suffragist, temperance reformer, and Mississippi state senator Belle Kearney; activist Alabaman Helen Keller; Anne Walter Fearn, a physician in China), Prenshaw then considers the "wifehood narratives" of Mary Hamilton, an uneducated, hard-working wife and mother from the rugged Mississippi Delta, and Agnes Grinstead Anderson, whose Approaching the Magic Hour recounts her undeviating devotion to painter Walter Anderson, a man whose dazzling artistic talent contrasted with his dramatic shortcomings as a husband and father.
In some of the works on view, such as Triptych, 2009, Semmel's image stares back with what would appear to be a startling directness, but the longer one looks, the more one sees that these lines of sight are somehow both undeviating and off-center, offering the artist's subjectivity while confounding attempts to grasp it or pin it down.
Rahman argued that most other verses and sound traditions indicate an undeviating view that changes in belief were left to God to punish, and that it was forbidden to compel any person to join or rejoin any religion.