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  • adj

Synonyms for undetermined

marked by lack of firm decision or commitment; of questionable outcome

lacking precise limits

Synonyms for undetermined

not yet having been ascertained or determined


not precisely determined or established

not brought to a conclusion

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On the other hand, Vladimir Bozinovski from the Institute for Political Research says that many undetermined voters appear between elections whereas Bujar Osmani, BDI spokesman, said that the electoral campaigns are the stimulus to attract the undetermined.
In fact, he claims, the agent exercises more control over the decision if it is undetermined, in the right kind of way, than she would were the decision determined.
Among infants less than one year of age, 91% of deaths were undetermined manner deaths and 9% were homicides.
It's still undetermined what role Pride will play with the newly purchased bank.
A currently undetermined amount of TWP debt is expected to be included in the purchase price.
Ismet Ramadani says that the great number of undetermined citizens shows that the Albanians are unsatisfied with the politics of the ruling parties.
A finding of undetermined does not mean that a fire investigation is closed.
PALMDALE - Deputies hunted Friday for a gunman who held up Gottschalks in the Antelope Valley Mall and escaped with an undetermined amount of jewelry.
The purchase price for fee simple interest is undetermined.
The company also has plans under way to build another PPS plant, though the timing and site are still undetermined.
Real choices are supposed to be undetermined by what came before.
com, has obtained a undetermined minority interest in Media Central in exchange for a 49% interest in BMH for Primedia.
Troy, Michigan, reported that its New River Foundry, Radford, Virginia, had a major explosion from yet undetermined causes in March, Three people were killed and several were injured in the accident.
Defleur and his coworkers thus propose that Neandertals killed and ate their own at Moula-Guercy--for as yet undetermined reasons.