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Synonyms for undeterminable

not capable of being definitely decided or ascertained

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He argues that managers today need to administer a reality that is undeterminable and thus uncontrollable.
Saudi Arabia has an undeterminable number of mosques; it is said that Mecca alone has over 20,000.
Ray defines, in passing, what a Laplanchian hermeneutics of art might be: a nonprogrammatic encounter with otherness, given that works of art or culture are prime examples of enigmatic otherness, indeterminate messages only partly controlled by the author, and which will produce undeterminable effects, unforeseen by the artist.
It is undeterminable as to whether or not the changes in racial/ethnic designations had any impact upon reports regarding the conferring of undergraduate degrees for the 2009-10 academic year.
These manuscripts however, are held at scattered locations and under various, sometimes undeterminable conditions of management and care, which greatly affect access to them and their use as well as enduring management.
First there is no previous data to prove the hypothesis, second levels of income inequality in the pre-globalization phase are undeterminable.
Cathepsins are implicated in many different diseases and the value of this assay is that it enables the measurement of previously undeterminable cathepsin activity in normal and diseased cells and tissues," noted Platt.
In addition to the undeterminable business interruption, health and workers comp losses, another factor remains a key unknown.
The weight of that evidence is undeterminable before trial begins, and, therefore, the prosecutor may or may not question or investigate into the matter.
The significance of Malcolm X for Baldwin was as yet undetermined and, ultimately, undeterminable.
The cost of 16 percent of the items was undeterminable.
They proved to be restless sources of incoherent and undeterminable problems, which made the user experience somehow unpleasant and the maintenance work quite frustrating.
Besides, Kerry's constant contradictory statements and seeming inability to stick with his own opinion at any given moment make knowing what he would have done undeterminable by anyone, let alone himself.
The result is a filtered representation of the tire's runout that essentially reduces or removes all the groove depths and high frequency elements that cause undeterminable output.