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Synonyms for undesired

Synonyms for undesired

not desired


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Thus, I support recycling and don't mind a fortnightly service, but failing to remove some household waste will have undesired consequences, and they may also be evident at the next local elections
International intervention may lead to undesired results particularly in such nonhomogeneous societies in sociological sense.
These vaccines do not pose the risk of undesired virus circulation, unlike the live attenuated vaccines' used to date.
Nonetheless, Musliu had applied to get a Macedonian citizenship but has been rejected as undesired.
This study aimed at identification of the undesired student's behaviors, which are investigated, by teachers and the strategies followed by beginner's teachers in classroom discipline at the schools of Jarash government--Jordan.
Novozymes A/S (Bagsvaerd, Denmark) has patented a method for modifying the substrate specificity of a lipolytic enzyme by making alterations to the amino acid sequence in a defined region of the lipolytic enzyme, so as to increase the level of a desired activity or to decrease the level of an undesired activity.
This report describes a program designed to decrease students' undesired behaviors.
It points out that there was inadequate study of the bill; there was no free vote of parliamentarians; it will pose undesired legal consequences; it will lead church and state on a collision course; and it will impact children whose rights are pandered away.
Rhino Linings/HIT received the Innovation Award in the Products category for its use of polyurethane in the Battle Jacket FCS, a spray polyurethane elastomer and proprietary additive which combines to expand and permanently seal undesired holes from ballistic penetration.
The one-dimensional thumpers, like ``So Excited'' (built from a sample of Herbie Hancock's tiresome ``Rockit'') ostensibly do what they're supposed to, but elsewhere, the heaving whispers and lethargic grooves of ``With U'' and ``Love 2 Love'' could induce an undesired effect -- deep slumber.
Insightfully engaging the reader in the stories from his own past, through his discovery, understanding, and progression through his own diagnoses and his undesired adaptation to his very active life, Paul Luscombe presents Pills, Bills, And Parkinson's Disease as a kind of helping hand for those who are in the midst of their own difficulties in facing their Parkinson's diagnoses.
In addition, the preciseness of the weapon must be calculated considering all variables associated with weapons employment, including navigation accuracy, weapons effects, undesired effects, and potential unintended effects.
Opting-out greatly increases the recipient's burden and risk when forced to respond to undesired messages.
In their useful book Outsourcing America, Ron and Anil Hira, internationally recognized experts on economic policy, demonstrate that the exodus of manufacturing and tech jobs abroad is the intended product of federal policy, rather than an undesired incidental result of "market forces" at work.
Simply put, adding distance increases caloric expenditure, and this is an effective means of staving off undesired weight gain as we age.