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in an undesirable manner


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The only challenges of the book come from design choices--recipe names in too pale a color and type that is undesirably small, making it hard to read the book while also cooking.
A prolonged stay in asylum housing has a detrimental impact on perceived mental health which undesirably influences employment opportunities and unquestionably influences the tendency for social benefits reliance.
9 billion, undesirably 80 per cent above the budgeted figure.
If, say, the economy becomes overheated, boosting the inflation rate to undesirably high levels, then the central bank may feel compelled to significantly raise short-term rates AA-- and over a short period.
The Fed coupled its first rate hike in nine years with a signal that further increases will likely be made slowly as the economy strengthens further and inflation rises from undesirably low levels.
HP-393 Weightless Cleansing Conditioner for Fine Hair was designed for consumers who fall outside of the thick/curly hair category, in particular those with fine or thin hair because they are more likely to find that cleansing conditioners can weigh down their hair, resulting in undesirably limp or oily-looking styles.
Cure state is also impacted when NR levels increase, so tan delta will also increase undesirably (figures 6 and 7).
Many growers alter light availability, by using shading materials above cultivated plants, especially in cases of undesirably high values of solar radiation during summer period, aiming to protect their plants by preventing the direct effect of solar radiation and the resulting quick increase of air temperature (Chronopoulou-Sereli and Flocas 2010).
I was one of many young men at that time who suffered immensely with ingrown hairs, which left my face undesirably bumped, infected and inflamed," he explains.
UCL will also need to ensure that integration is neither undesirably expensive nor time-consuming and that it will not demand major changes to any pre-existing UCL system or procedures.
To avoid generating an undesirably large set of frequent itemsets for discovering all high confidence association rules, the problem of finding frequent closed itemsets in a formal mining context is proposed.
They argue that the industry was long hobbled by regulatory measures that undesirably restrained competition, but changes arose to eliminate those restraints.
Disabling relay switching for 50% of the process dead time has proven to be an effective method of noise protection without undesirably affecting the ultimate gain and the ultimate period identification (Aidan o'Dwyer).
They said that exclusive breastfeeding rates in Pakistan are undesirably low and need to be improved as Pakistan has the highest bottle feeding rates in South Asia.
The zone's 52 towns have an undesirably high deer density and provide some of the best opportunities in the state for bringing home fresh venison.