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not done or made or performed with purpose or intent

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From this point of view, there may clearly be a major difference between the effects of a superficially similar price rise, according as it is an undesigned and largely unforeseen effect of such impersonal events as the discovery of gold, or a designed result of deliberative policy action by a public body.
In the first instance, the capital of an economy is embodied in a largely undesigned network of capital combinations of individual capital goods and human resources.
We wrestled with these in a number of contemporary projects, but here we can address them in a more pure and fundamentally undesigned way.
The Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeal and affirmed the trial court, because an accident is "an unexpected, unforeseen, or undesigned happening or consequence from either a known or unknown cause.
The argument from design, recast today in the Intelligent Design movement, relies critically on the contrast of designed things with undesigned things.
Today's conservatives, Hayek argued, "lack the courage to welcome the same undesigned change from which new tools of human endeavors will emerge.
And then there's the merchandise -- a variety of green fashions and accessories from West Coast designers, including Undesigned by Carol Young, James Jeans and Form & Fauna, which makes toxin-free, biodegradable synthetic leather shoes that are as close to eco-friendly as vegan pleather can get.
Too often, they are too small, too inconspicuous, too dull, too old, too amateurish, too undesigned, too .
Young's label, undesigned, is a study in wearable sustainable fashion that is decidedly modern in its ability to transcend season and move between office, bicycle, subway and sidewalk.
In many subdivisions, parks and playgrounds are simply leftover space--awkward, undesigned parcels left over after the building lots have been demarcated.
Accident," in turn, has been defined for insurance purposes as "an unexpected, unforeseen or undesigned happening or consequence from either a known or unknown cause.
Englewood's southern end will become a gateway, too, thanks to the extensive expansion and renovation of the Burt Automotive complex on South Broadway, which will include an as-yet undesigned city gateway.
Correspondingly, udS and udI would be undesigned savings and undesigned investment, respectively.
The hotel on the quayside is a horribly undesigned building.