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in an unmerited manner


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The scores were "unjustifiably and undeservedly low", she told the GDN from Scotland.
According to the farmer, Today's state policy aimed at supporting small-scale production helps us not only to save the village, but also to revive undeservedly forgotten, highly profitable crops.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston) sits undeservedly on the throne, oblivious to storm clouds on the horizon.
WITH the party conference season now well and truly closed, just a nostalgic mention for the Co-op, sister movement of Labour, which notched up its centenary with an undeservedly low profile, given the disproportionate acres of space devoted to UKIP and the Greens.
If this is published, I have no doubt at all that both schools will contact me so that I can nominate these two honest young men from Grove Hill -an area that takes a lot of stick, some of it undeservedly in my opinion.
But, its focus on its two leads' thespic skills is too confidently but undeservedly rigorous to keep it consistently interesting and involving-and its denouement is more theoretically valid than affectingly earned.
The referee has reportedly sent the former Juventus player Arturo Vidal undeservedly off the game after showing him the red card, along with other blatant fouls for both sides that went unnoticed.
They were undeservedly one down to the Standard Security Blyth and Wansbeck Sunday League side from the top division through an own goal but scored twice in the last 10 minutes to triumph.
Acclaimed filmmaker Gillian Armstrong brings to life the tale of one of Australia's undeservedly forgotten sons in her new documentary WOMEN HE'S UNDRESSED.
He argues that these policies push many children undeservedly into the criminal justice system, negatively affecting their individual futures as well as community well-being.
Not undeservedly, Martin Schmidt's men took the lead before the break.
When it crashed, many workers in the region undeservedly lost their jobs as the bank's flawed business model fell apart.
A strongly impressionistic portrait of an undeservedly little-known scientist, The Evolutionist is a raptly compelling read.
Science-|fiction icon: fiction icon: Star Wars' R2D2 R2D2 ANNE'S CO-STAR her father Michael idea the IF you look race from ON 'MEAN' TROLLS you love of ANNE has been subjected to the most amazing attacks of online vitriol, particularly following her Oscar win for Les Miserables leading to her undeservedly being tagged "the most hated woman in Hollywood".