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not deserved or earned

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Norah, whose courage under undeserved calamity had been the courage of resignation -- Norah, who had patiently accepted her hard lot; who from first to last had meditated no vengeance and stooped to no deceit -- Norah had reached the end which all her sister's ingenuity, all her sister's resolution, and all her sister's daring had failed to achieve.
Godfrey was too painfully preoccupied to feel a twinge of self-reproach at this undeserved praise.
Whoever shall call thee Saxon, Sir Baron,'' replied Cedric, offended at a mode of expression by which the Normans frequently expressed their habitual contempt of the English, ``will do thee an honour as great as it is undeserved.
Happy with your best friends, happy in your old home, happy in the power of doing a great deal of good, and happy in the undeserved love of the best of men.
7) Aidos, as a quality, is that feeling of reverence or shame which restrains men from wrong: Nemesis is the feeling of righteous indignation aroused especially by the sight of the wicked in undeserved prosperity (cf.
This pronoun was understood in the plural sense, and included both gentlemen, upon both of whom it was rather hard and undeserved, for Gabriel had applied himself to the meal with a very promising appetite, until it was spoilt by Mrs Varden herself, and Joe had as great a liking for the female society of the locksmith's house--or for a part of it at all events--as man could well entertain.
Sacked coach says dismissal 'crushing and undeserved' THE former head coach of the British men's gymnastics team has described his dismissal as "unexpected, undeserved and a crushing blow".
Honours List full of undeserved gongs THE apparent awarding of a Knighthood to the abject failure Nick Clegg is truly beyond the pale.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited (PMIC) will start functioning in October, 2016, which will have the capacity to serve a large undeserved client base.
ISLAMABAD -- Khushhali Microfinance Bank, and International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, have signed an agreement whereby IFC would help the Bank develop a housing finance product, targeting primarily the undeserved and rural communities of Pakistan.
It is impossible that Iran should get undeserved deals," Prince Saud said at a joint news conference with visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.
It is impossible that Iran should get undeserved deals", Prince Saud said at a joint news conference with visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.
An Undeserved Christmas Gift When I was a child, a boy came to me, Asked if a present I could deliver secretly, To a girl he liked who lived nearby, So her mother would not know and strict rules apply.
The National ICT R and D Fund imparts "Foundation Training" to eligible students of undeserved areas of Pakistan including GB, AJ and K and FATA that register to compete for PM's National ICT Scholarship Programme under which, so far more than 4,200 scholarships worth up to Rs 3.
Gary wright @Errea1Gary Much nicer to get the spawny, undeserved point than to give away the spawny, undeserved point Richard Mark Bradley @ThyBrad42 Same defensive lapses costing the club points Jeff Patterson @JeffersMFC 9 Nov Need a manager with a vision in charge by next week.