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not successful in describing


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The items are rated on a five-point Likert scale, with "1" being "completely undescriptive of you" and "5" being "completely descriptive of you.
It's a bit of an undescriptive word like 'fine' isn't it?
It was also admitted that the initial letters were awkward and undescriptive.
As the central protagonist, Lucy Snowe, finds on facing little Polly in Chapter 2, `When I say child I use an inappropriate and undescriptive term--a term suggesting any picture rather than that of the demure little person in a mourning frock and white chemisette, that might just have fitted a good-sized doll.
Participants rate the degree to which an item best describes themselves (1 = completely undescriptive, 5 = completely descriptive).
Each attitude pulls 'speakers and readers in directions opposite from the explicit', whether to 'the open horror of bloody wounds' or to 'the sheltered passivity of undescriptive verbiage'.
Its mainstream sensibility and potential as a high school date movie would have to be made manifest despite the undescriptive title and lack of important cast names and obvious selling points.
After that no one was so sure about the real world, so that when it came to keeping a color or an undescriptive shape at the cost of accurate representation, the latter lost.