undescended testis

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a testis that fails to move into the scrotum as the male fetus develops

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Patient had bilateral undescended testis (cryptorchid), hypospadiasis and micropenis.
4) Our index patient had a history of an undescended testis.
Lower Socioeconomic Status is Associated with Malignancy in Patients with Undescended Testis.
Children between age 6 months to twelve years presenting with impalpable undescended testis were included in the study.
This article addresses a contemporary perspective on the pathophysiology of the undescended testis, impact on testicular function and risk of testicular cancer.
2), (4-6) Our case presented with a painless scrotal lump, whereas most cases in the literature were diagnosed during exploration for inguinal hernia (24%), undescended testis (22%), and testicular torsion (15%).
Surgical conditions tend to be age specific (adapted from Davenport, 1996) Infants up to one week old * Gastrointestinal atresias (eg, duodenal atresia) * Malrotation of the gut * Meconium ileus (delay in passage of meconium >48 hours after birth) * Hirschsprung's disease (delay in passage of meconium >48 hours after birth) * Hypospadias * Undescended testis * Hydrocele Infants up to two months old * Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (most cases need medical management) * Pyloric stenosis * Inguinal hernia * Umbilical hernia Infants up to one year old * Intussusception * Inguinal hernia Older children * Appendicitis * Torsion of testis * Mastoiditis * Intussusception (usually have an identifiable cause eg, Henoch-Schonlein purpura) Table 2.
3,4 The surgical treatment of a palpable undescended testis has been a two incision inguinal approach which has been a standard procedure for a long time.
No matter how old the child is when the undescended testis is discovered, surgery should be performed for several important reasons.
So if you see a boy with an undescended testis at 1 year of age, and that same boy later has language delay, and he's a wreck in kindergarten, and then in third or fourth grade there are learning disabilities, think about Klinefelter syndrome.
We report a patient with seminoma arising in an undescended testis which presented as a palpable painful mass of lower abdomen.
An undescended testis and abdominal mass was found in one (4%) patient, which is similar to a 35-year review at Ibadan, Nigeria, where 4% of tumours arose from undescended testes.