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nether world


Synonyms for underworld

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He worked as a waiter in a hotel, studied in night schools, to later becoming a name to reckon with in the city police force, building a high school in his native village and to facing allegations of links with the underworld.
Prior to Underworld, they tried to crack the charts in an act which had no name, just a squiggle symbol, which went on to be pronounced "Freur".
The state needs to find ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon, which after gambling, human trafficking and drugs, seems to be another source of funding for the underworld.
The Sena had established close relations with Dawood and his associates and was involved in extortion business with the underworld don, it is reported.
Emotionally burdened with unrealised ambition, these two men become dragged into a shadowy underworld where the Kray twins are building power, the black market is growing in strength, the coppers and politicians are corrupt.
But deviate they do, which complicates Orpheus' plan to bring Eurydice back from the underworld.
Michael Boughn's book is divided into five themes: visitors to the Underworld, rulers of the Underworld, how to get to the Underworld, how to get back and guardians and monsters.
Pluto and its large moon Charon have some company in the underworld.
Desire And Its Shadow encompasses a world of Aztec history, unexpected despondency, the depths of the city's most impoverished inhabitants, and an urban underworld in which the most insightful are the blind.
This month, Harrison's Finn in the Underworld receives its world premiere in the Bay Area at Berkeley Repertory Theatre.
In the underworld, the dancers dressed more like New Yorkers--basic black accented with bright shots of color, complementing sculptor Keith Sonnier's set of suspended blazing loops and rows of color-changing neon.
It is a sleek ride into the underworld and what happens when it collides with our world.
An Underworld at War: Spivs, Deserters, Racketeers and Civilians in the Second World War.
IF Underworld frontman Karl Hyde was made of chocolate he'd eat himself.