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Synonyms for underwood

the brush (small trees and bushes and ferns etc

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Here and there a tawny brook prattled out from among the underwood and lost itself again in the ferns and brambles upon the further side.
The larger quadrupeds no doubt roam over wide tracts in search of it; and their food chiefly consists of underwood, which probably contains much nutriment in a small bulk.
I have been so busy ever since Irais and Minora left that I can hardly believe the spring is here, and the garden hurrying on its green and flowered petticoat--only its petticoat as yet, for though the underwood is a fairyland of tender little leaves, the trees above are still quite bare.
Passing along the Ridgeway to the west for about a mile, we come to a little clump of young beech and firs, with a growth of thorn and privet underwood.
Accordingly I hid myself in some thick underwood, determining to devote the ensuing hours to reflection on my situation.
While I was cutting down some wood here, I perceived that, behind a very thick branch of low brushwood or underwood, there was a kind of hollow place: I was curious to look in it; and getting with difficulty into the mouth of it, I found it was pretty large, that is to say, sufficient for me to stand upright in it, and perhaps another with me: but I must confess to you that I made more haste out than I did in, when looking farther into the place, and which was perfectly dark, I saw two broad shining eyes of some creature, whether devil or man I knew not, which twinkled like two stars; the dim light from the cave's mouth shining directly in, and making the reflection.
Yes," said Holmes; "by John Underwood and Sons, 129, Camberwell Road.
Well, I went to Underwood, and asked him if he had sold a hat of that size and description.
Presale tickets for Carrie Underwood go on sale November 2, and public onsales will follow on November 6.
In 1908, his twenty-third year as missionary to Korea, Horace Grant Underwood wrote The Call of Korea.
com)-- CC Underwood is the owner of the Sellin' With CC Team and a top producing REALTOR[R] with Keller Williams Jacksonville Realty.
Underwood and his wife Dorothy of Perry, ME; her cousins, Hazel Stanley and Roberta DesRosier; her nieces, Rosalind Carter and Paula McNally; and eight grandchildren.
Nigel Underwood waited for the couple at Andrew Wordsworth's caravan near Skegness then attacked him, injuring his head and arm.
From design concept to delivery Holfeld Plastics has reported a 5-day turnaround of a new Fin tray for Underwood sausages.
Austin is signed by Brad Underwood which will almost double his salary after he led the Lumberjacks to the round of 32 of the NC tournament in his first season.