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moth having dull forewings and brightly colored hind wings

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In its baseline form, Vigilant Watch would replace the standard port underwing tank with a pod carrying a 51-cm EO/IR sensor ball and containing 3174 kg of fuel, and introduce a ro-ro operator station and additional communications equipment.
The initial A330 MRTT for the Royal Australian Air Force is well along in the outfitting of its mission equipment, which will include the centerline ARBS, underwing refueling pods, and an electronic warfare self-protection suite to counter surface-to-air missiles.
Seven underwing pylons enable the Texan II to carry podded guns (the aircraft carries no internal weapon), rockets, free-fall and smart bombs.
a fact reinforced later when I came across a superb red underwing moth attracted to sunken ceiling light in the local Indian take away -- this big moth made waiting for the jalfrezi a lot more interesting, although eyebrows were raised when I tried to get up on the counter for a closer look.
The ruling would require inspections of the side load underwing fitting bushings to check for broken sealant or bushing migration and corrective action where necessary.
The aircraft's high altitude capability and smooth, unobstructed underwing design provides a clear, deep reconnaissance capability for mission sensors.
The Sierra Nevada Gorgon Stare Waas (Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance) system was introduced in Afghanistan at the end of 2010 in the form of two underwing pods on an MQ-9.
Whittaker will use an existing underwing mounted pod to harbor three different versions of jammers and radar simulators covering a wide radio frequency spectrum.
The Cobham 905E underwing pod, as recently cleared for the Airbus Military A330-200 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker-Transport) has been chosen for Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Britain.
Large yellow underwing, cinnabar and latticed heath, three attractive day-time flying moths, have also been seen here and at the Baltic Fleet in June.
The T-20 was fitted with a retractable Cloud Cap T2 sensor to forward live videos with attached satnav data and infrared images to its operators, while its underwing pods released smoke markers.
Thus, not only does it carry Sagem's latest gimballed payload--the Euroflir 410--with onboard image processing, a Ku-band line-of-sight datalink and inertial and satellite navigation as well as a satcom datalink, but it is also able to carry an underwing pod-mounted synthetic aperture radar (Sar) from OHB, in actual fact, it can take almost anything up to the 250-kg limit of its payload capacity, which includes electronic support measures and so forth.
This boom may be fitted with a short hose-and-drogue unit to refuel US Navy and Marine Corps (and Allied) aircraft, but many KC135s now have two 1900 kg/min Sargent-Fletcher underwing pods for this role.