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Synonyms for underwater

Synonyms for underwater

beneath the surface of the water

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growing or remaining under water

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Other diving organizations, such as the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and The YMCA, have similar programs.
Although generally seen as an unimportant element, first responding officers set the tenor of underwater investigations.
The 5th Anilao Underwater Shootout will have two classes: Open Class for participants with any type of camera and accessories, in which published and professional photographers will automatically be placed; and Compact Class, exclusively for participants using cameras without interchangeable camera lenses.
The underwater reefs in the Verde Island Passage are home to nearly 60 percent of the world's known shore fish.
The study used modelling techniques along with systems knowledge to assess the performance of laser baser underwater systems.
Not surprisingly, most underwater pros are proficient scuba divers and plan each dive carefully, as things that we take for granted on land, such as changing lenses or loading a new memory card when one fills up, cannot be performed underwater.
The proposed simple network architecture model for underwater communication is shown in Fig.
Underwater Society of America, 2015, Underwater Rugby, http://www.
In countering the threat posed by underwater mines, the vessel is able locate and destroy them autonomously, without the physical involvement of a live sailor, thereby negating the risk of bodily harm or death.
Starting out with computer science, he became involved with artificial intelligence, applied this to autonomous systems, then stumbled upon the emerging field of underwater robots.
They were not specifically trained to dive, and never in their lives attempted to follow a duck underwater.
According to scientists, the underwater waves or internal tides, are responsible for nutrient distribution and the regulation of ocean temperatures.
Underwater Photography is a specific recommendation for any relatively new to the idea, who would choose the right equipment and approach a range of methods for capturing and editing underwater images.
15 (ONA) The Ministry of Heritage and Culture organized today at Inter-Continental Hotel a one-day seminar on "Underwater Cultural Heritage" within the framework of the efforts to protect underwater archaeology, and in implementation of the project stages to survey Omani coasts in cooperation with the British University of Southampton and the Museum of Western Australia and the diligence.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 27, 2014-DSIT receives order for Underwater Security System from nuclear power facility in Europe