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Synonyms for undertow

an inclination contrary to the strongest or prevailing feeling

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the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore

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Many are caught in the riptide or undertow, which is common off Burj Beach, among other spots.
He will battle powerful and unpredictable currents and undertows Walliams and will burn the equivalent of 4,400 calories every day.
You do not know what tides, currents or undertows are lurking there.
It's pretty indicative of Valencia's bright, vibrant groove and darker undertows.
The currents that may affect you, as you swim ashore, are rip currents and undertows.
The weighty surface pressures (short-term, high-yield investments) are forcing some real estate currents to go subsurface, transforming important real estate fundamentals into undertows.
The weekend we arrived in May, three people died in undertows off the eastern coast.