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Synonyms for undertow

an inclination contrary to the strongest or prevailing feeling

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the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore

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This is the undertow, the current that pulls water back into the ocean after a wave breaks on the beach.
The undertow, while surreptitious in nature, will have a direct, unconcealed impact on both commercial and residential real estate.
The weekend we arrived in May, three people died in undertows off the eastern coast.
Thirty-some years after the liberalization of abortion laws in most Western countries, we are starting to discover more of abortion's dark undertows or echoes.
Better to settle for a paddle and get home safely, than tempt tides, currents and undertows.
BOB: There are a lot of undertows with esoteric things like virtual tape, the impact of the SAN, and concepts like tape sharing.
Mother grits her teeth and remembers a fox-fur cape flying over her shoulders, trailing her as she climbs out of a college dormitory window into the arms of a young man whose latter-day face peers out of a golden frame set on a table just as you come into this house, and she wants him, wants him, wants him, remembers the pulling between them like undertows, heat growing between them, and she grits her teeth for her older daughter, whom she can see right through.
The water - provided it's not of the salty variety with large waves and dangerous undertows - is just fine.
Undertows are stealthy, under-currents that lie beneath what appears to be calm waters.
Anglers need heavier tackle to deal with seaweed and undertows that they can't see, and there's not much fun in catching corbina on stout gear.
Drawing parallels between the dangers of swimming in undertow waters and the current real estate market is quite appropriate.