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Synonyms for undertow

an inclination contrary to the strongest or prevailing feeling

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the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore

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Formulation of the Undertow Using Linear Wave Theory," a new paper in the journal Physics of Fluids, clears up some of the controversy in undertow modeling, so planners can assess erosion threats faster and more accurately.
Call of the Undertow allowed me to mesh maps, the power of particular landscapes, folk stories and damaged lives into an unsettling story.
Raskin cited various statistics to describe this undertow.
At last the ideological undertow of Christian evangelism is seen for all its shoddy ethics in view of equality and inclusivity.
Her singular vocals are at the centre of an expansive but intimate sound on the album, as in the sea-bound Undertow.
Volume 3 consists of what she calls her 'mental health' set, taking in fan favourites such as Undertow, Solitude Standing and Cracking, all of which reflect a state of mind.
A statement Sunday by Dubai municipal and civil rescue officials says more life guards will monitor the beaches and strictly enforce no-swim rules when the waves and undertow are deemed too dangerous.
The Citation reads: "Without hesitation, she jumped in the icy waters to search for him, but was suddenly caught up by the strong undertow and pulled towards the middle of the river.
On July 29, 32-year-old Pantelis Nikandrou Stylianou drowned there when he and a fellow swimmer, an Austrian tourist, got into difficulty in the enormous waves and strong undertow.
It is true that an undertow may be strong in some places, but it is always short-lived.
A dangerous undertow existed at the location where (he) drowned," said the lawsuit filed on behalf of his mother, Mariz Meza.
It's fun to rent one of the boats for a tour of the lake, but never swim in it, as this lake is known to have a dangerous undertow.
This was beautifully paced and imaginatively balanced throughout, but one would have wished to have actually heard the lugubrious gong intended to underpin a heart-stopping undertow from lower strings and timpani.
The undertow, while surreptitious in nature, will have a direct, unconcealed impact on both commercial and residential real estate.
Geoff Sharp's warnings of neo-authoritarian drift are not rendered less urgent by the use of the word 'drift', particularly where the undertow threatens to become a rip.