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Synonyms for undertow

an inclination contrary to the strongest or prevailing feeling

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the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore

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He said: "Many young swimmers want to show-off about their swimming skills on the beaches, without knowing the tide timings or understanding undertow.
Much of their drive comes from the pumping tuba undertow of Oren Marshall, an innovative player who's not averse to connecting his voluminous tubes to a rack of electronic effects gear.
We weren't very far before the undertow felt just like somebody had taken our legs.
Here she shares the story behind Call of The Undertow.
Our country cannot achieve prosperity without addressing the powerful undertow created by flat wages and tenuous financial security for so many millions of Americans.
the muddled undertow of how his wife misunderstands him
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Creating history again by defying the undertow of high unemployment and a slow economic recovery, United States President Barack Obama swept re-elections on Wednesday.
Defying the undertow of a slow economic recovery and high unemployment, Obama created history again by defeating his Republican foe Mitt Romney.
One particular beach had a nasty undertow and, along certain stretches, rip currents that would pull you seawards.
At last the ideological undertow of Christian evangelism is seen for all its shoddy ethics in view of equality and inclusivity.
Her singular vocals are at the centre of an expansive but intimate sound on the album, as in the sea-bound Undertow.
A statement Sunday by Dubai municipal and civil rescue officials says more life guards will monitor the beaches and strictly enforce no-swim rules when the waves and undertow are deemed too dangerous.
The Citation reads: "Without hesitation, she jumped in the icy waters to search for him, but was suddenly caught up by the strong undertow and pulled towards the middle of the river.
On July 29, 32-year-old Pantelis Nikandrou Stylianou drowned there when he and a fellow swimmer, an Austrian tourist, got into difficulty in the enormous waves and strong undertow.
It is true that an undertow may be strong in some places, but it is always short-lived.