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Synonyms for undertake



Synonyms for undertake

Synonyms for undertake

enter upon an activity or enterprise

Related Words

accept as a challenge

promise to do or accomplish

enter into a contractual arrangement

accept as a charge

References in classic literature ?
You are to take it," she said, "as expressing my conviction that I saddled myself with the charge of an incorrigibly heartless, obstinate and perverse girl, when I undertook the care of Blanche.
They also undertook to examine the true nature of that system of parallel ramparts discovered on the moon's surface by Gruithuysen, a learned professor of Munich, who considered them to be "a system of fortifications thrown up by the Selenitic engineers.
Such was the state of knowledge acquired regarding the earth's satellite, which the Gun Club undertook to perfect in all its aspects, cosmographic, geological, political, and moral.
I undertook to advance the money for the osiers required for his work until my osier-farmer should be in a position to supply him.
He could only have them shod whenever he went over to Grenoble, so I induced a farrier to take up his abode here, and undertook to find him plenty of work.
I undertook to guarantee him against all risks in the undertaking, from which his wife, a woman of no imagination, sought to frighten him.
When I came here, I undertook to throw the necessary light on the matter of the missing Diamond.
The Company undertook to fully cooperate with the Trustees, the Representatives and anyone acting of their behalf to enable them to conduct a due diligence investigation with respect to the financial condition of the Company for the objective of negotiating an arrangement and/or providing recommendations to the Note Holders as to any arrangement and/or relating to available courses of action to protect the Note Holders' rights pursuant to the respective Notes and the exercise thereof, subject to confidentiality obligations.
The first recipient of the MBA Company Internship prize was Sunil Kumar who undertook a three month project for Expo Management in Leamington.
I undertook my first five-day water fast after reading Ehret's book, not to cure a disease but to rid my system of the effects of my fat-and-carbohydrate diet.
Hakutani introduces a far less familiar comparison of Wright to the poet Basho in order to develop previously unnoted relationships in Wright's work to Zen Buddhism that would flower in the vast haiku project Wright undertook in his last illness.
a Cayman Islands company; E[acute accent](vii) enter into the Facilities Administration and Operating Services Agreement, and the Assignment, Assumption and Confirmation Agreement respecting the assigned Retainer Agreements, as described herein below, and undertook providing fee based business consulting services pursuant thereto; and E[acute accent](viii) pursuant to the Mutual Undertaking Agreement undertook to complete the Contemplated Financing as described herein below.
Because of the issues identified with the payment processing center described above, as well as the two other accounting issues discussed in Tier's December 14, 2005 report on Form 8-K, Tier undertook an in-house review of other significant accounting practices, including the recognition of revenues, accrued liabilities, taxes-other-than-income, tenant improvements and rent holidays, the allowance for doubtful accounts, investments in marketable securities, and an investment in a minority-owned subsidiary.
The Company undertook that it would file this Form 8-K on March 16, 2006 and undertook to its shareholders that should this filing be delayed and not filed on March 16, 2006 for whatsoever reason, shareholders will be informed without delay.
The Company undertook to its shareholders that this filing will be made today and is doing everything in its power to ensure that this undertaking is met.