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Synonyms for undertake



Synonyms for undertake

Synonyms for undertake

enter upon an activity or enterprise

Related Words

accept as a challenge

promise to do or accomplish

enter into a contractual arrangement

accept as a charge

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She follows this by reconstructing the research he undertook in preparation for the visit and by summarizing the contents of the draft manuscript, which outlines the book he intended to write.
The Company undertook that it would file this Form 8-K on March 16, 2006 and undertook to its shareholders that should this filing be delayed and not filed on March 16, 2006 for whatsoever reason, shareholders will be informed without delay.
The Company undertook to its shareholders that this filing will be made today and is doing everything in its power to ensure that this undertaking is met.
To support its application, Oilsands Quest undertook an extensive process of consultation with communities on or near its permit lands and a comprehensive program of ecological surveys and environmental studies on the target lands.
In March 2005, the Technical Services Department at Chelopech Mine undertook a thorough review and ranking of drill intersections, and prospective near-mine areas, surrounding the known Chelopech orebodies.
TORONTO -- Geoinformatics Exploration Inc (TSX VENTURE:GXL) ("Geoinformatics") is pleased to announce that it has signed an alliance partnership with Eurogold Limited (ASX and AIM: EUG) ("Eurogold") the terms of which Geoinformatics undertook to provide geoscience expertise to aid in the development of the Saulyak Gold Deposit in SW Ukraine.
As previously disclosed, at the conclusion of the prior internal investigation, management undertook its work to confirm the amount of total vendor markdown allowances determined to have been improperly collected from 1999 through 2003 and to determine if any markdown allowances were improperly collected before fiscal 1999.