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Synonyms for undertake



Synonyms for undertake

Synonyms for undertake

enter upon an activity or enterprise

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accept as a challenge

promise to do or accomplish

enter into a contractual arrangement

accept as a charge

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Previously, the FSC already permitted the offshore banking units (OBU) of domestic banks to undertake renminbi-related businesses for Taiwanese-invested enterprisers in the mainland.
Participants can expect to abseil two sections of the waterfall and undertake a short swim.
In all honesty, our organization, like most nonprofit organizations, didn't have much money available to undertake a forestry plan--and it certainly didn't have any money available for undertakings not currently in our budget.
SMART does not question the tactical wisdom of maximally suppressing HIV RNA once a patient undertakes a HAART regimen.
As a social consideration, the courts and taxing authorities should support those who undertake environmental cleanup voluntarily rather than issue punitive rulings.
It is our hope that this partnership will foster a network effect in which other innovative businesses will undertake additional integration of their leading, open standards-based technologies to promote a seamless marriage of non-real-time and real-time data," said Keith Steele, CEO of PrismTech.
iv) assist in the preparation of preliminary design and cost estimates for sample projects covering water supply, sewerage/sanitation, and solid waste, or undertake quality check of the available engineering designs (undertaken by the government) prior to undertaking identified advance procurement actions, (v) work closely with the international Procurement Specialist on procurement to scope out the specifications, functional guarantees, and performance parameters of the performance-based contract.
The forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof and Versar does not undertake to update its forward-looking statements.
Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith today announced a $200,000 grant for Indigo Shire Council to undertake a detailed investigation of a leaking wall at Beechworth s Lake Sambell.
The Sherman case represents an important precedent for any taxpayer who takes a temporary hiatus from a job to undertake additional education and wants to claim a deduction for the education expenses.
Technip will undertake all associated pre-commissioning, tie-in and testing work for each development.
All forward-looking statements speak only as of the date made, and we undertake no obligation to update these forward-looking statements.
iii) enter into the Facilities Administration and Operating Services Agreement, and the Assignment, Assumption and Confirmation Agreement respecting the assigned Retainer Agreements, as described herein below, and undertake providing fee based business consulting services pursuant thereto; and
2% interest, has today issued a press release announcing that it has filed a preliminary prospectus to undertake an initial public offering ("IPO").
Shareholders in the Halifax can expect an average windfall of Pounds 217 in June as the bank undertakes a major corporate restructuring programme.