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Synonyms for undersurface

a side or surface that is below or under

Synonyms for undersurface

the lower side of anything

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Coloration: In Preservative: Upper surface brown with tips of tubercles cream; suprascapular and presacral ridges cream, outline by darker brown; light interorbital bar indistinct, demarcated posteriorly by narrow dark brown bar; lip barred but light areas suffused with some brown pigment; supratympanic ridges cream, bordered by dark brown paired dark suprascapular and supra-axillary dark spots; limbs weakly barred with dark bands; posterior thigh surface same color as dorsum, anterior surface light tan; paired paracloacal light stripes present; chin, throat and venter pale cream punctuated with scattered melanophores; undersurfaces of limbs pale cream.
Make a note to order a set of aftermarket doorsill covers and instant them after greasing their undersurfaces as well as the metal sill itself.
These phytophagous mites have haplodiploid genetics and live gregariously in woven nests on the undersurfaces of leaves of perennial grasses.
For plants scheduled to have their leaves damaged, we rubbed the undersurfaces of each cotyledon lightly with carborundum powder (850 mesh) using a cotton swab, 7 d after sowing.