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Synonyms for undersurface

a side or surface that is below or under

Synonyms for undersurface

the lower side of anything

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Gill opening extending from posttemporal region to middle of pectoral-fin base, not extending ventrally onto undersurface of head.
Caption: Figure 2A: Separate the pubocervical fascia from the undersurface of the vagina.
Surface colour--White Undersurface colour--Yellow Filament colour--White Colour of colour--Black Shape of spore--Circular
The epidermis thickness of the undersurface (Eab), the adaxial (Ead), mesophyll thickness (MF) and the leaf blade (LF) were measured.
I thought she would become Elizabeth Bishop times two with a twist, a marvelous craftsperson of landscape and tone, surveying the human condition, and American materialism, with an elegiac but hyperintelligent recognition of the spiritual undersurface of it all.
Undoubtedly the most striking feature of this delightful crustacean, known as "zapaya," is its stunning Day-Glo red and yellow shell and legs, with a blue hue on its undersurface.
TEXTURE, STRUCTURE, AND VESTITURE: Head: Shiny, impunctate, frons with four or five transverse rows of indistinct, small, fine, shiny, impressed spots; eyes somewhat coarsely faceted; with scattered, whitish scalelike setae especially on vertex and undersurface, intermixed with pale, semierect, simple setae on frons and clypeus.
fibrillosopaleaceum, such as nearly entire, twisted scales, deltoid outline of pinnules, and conspicuous fibrillose scales on the undersurface of the pinnules, but other characters, such as shorter stipes, untwisted pinna and rachis scales, and marginal sori, are similar to the features of P.
May present with a mass on the undersurface of penis, urethral discharge, dyspareunia, irritative voiding symptoms and haematuria
The lingual fraenum is described as the embryological remnant of tissue in the midline between the undersurface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth that restricts normal tongue movement [Hazelbacker, 2010].
From the viewpoint of additional technological operations there is also chance to affect level of undersurface residual stresses.
Instead, wipes were taken using the undersurface of the fingers excluding the thumb.
Mammillary bodies: A pair of small round bodies on the undersurface of the brain connecting several neural pathways to and from various parts of the brain, possibly involved in memory functions.
Without laryngeal closure, swallowed material may spill through the glottis until it is detected by sensory fibers of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which provides sensation over the undersurface of the vocal folds and subglottis.
The granules reach the exterior of the animal as a slurry that solidifies sufficiently slowly to allow the undersurface of the collar, which is folded back over the aperture of the tube, to mould the calcite-saturated mucus, shaping the end of the tube.