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In addition to 3D-printed parts, the creature is made of a steel understructure and mechanical skeleton, L-200 foam, spandex, fiberglass, aluminum, foam latex, rubber, and plenty of faux fur.
To use the working vocabulary of Hardwick, what we can identify as the understructure of the Theater of War project is partially an 'appropriation' and, perhaps primarily, an 'equivalent': it takes ancient texts and uses them to sanction ideas that 'might' be subsequent--the ideas that those stories serve as communal therapy specifically for combat veterans (= partial 'appropriation') (9).
Pay attention to obvious gathering points like gaps in understructure where snook can sit and ambush tide-borne prey.
The spiritual understructure of Bly's perspective has consistently retrieved the poet himself from bitterness.
Within a short span of time OOC managed to contribute in setting up several major projects through contribution in more than 35 projects that cover the fields of exploration, oil industry, understructure projects, petrochemicals, transportation, energy, refineries and oil marketing, in addition to Omanisation.
Complete with heavy-duty understructure, these scales come fully assembled and ready to use.
Understructure, saloon, pitch and equipment opportunities through which the lessons are done have to be provided
The DB9 is based on Aston Martin's unique V/H (Vertical/Horizontal) architecture - a bonded aluminium understructure forming the lightweight yet incredibly strong platform integral to the current range of sports cars.
Do we really need the David story to elicit and articulate the understructure of Puzo's novel, its skeletal plot?
In this article, I wish to focus on an actual effort related to development and communication that has a clear Buddhist understructure and tease out its implications for communication theory.
While there is some sharing with the Honda Insight hybrid--a four-door-like the fundamental Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) parallel hybrid system (the electric motor supplements the internal combustion engine, although this is the sixth gen of the IMA, and has some modifications, such in cooling, that have been made to it for this application) and some of the frontal understructure, the sharing was done to reduce costs through increasing volume.
Inger Anda, spokeswoman for the oil safety authority told the daily that Statoil has been notified to investigate other installations which can have similar problems to those that were revealed on the Gjoa understructure.
A simple turn of an air-valve raises both deck panels, exposing the entire understructure of the scale and the pit, for complete cleaning and wash down access.
The hinge top has stainless steel struts to lift the top deck and a safety latch that keeps the deck propped up while the understructure is cleaned.
Worcester Railroad, which owns the bridge, including the massive steel understructure on which the pigeons roost some 30 feet above the sidewalks and road.