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Synonyms for understood

Synonyms for understood

conveyed indirectly without words or speech

Synonyms for understood

fully apprehended as to purport or meaning or explanation


implied by or inferred from actions or statements


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In particular, Coles commends Yoder's understanding of tradition, in which wholesome growth is not so much understood to be like branches from a tree, but rather more like a vine.
His work represented the first attempt to understand characteristics of actors and networks that affected their nature or ability to perform, and introduced the concept that networks could be analyzed, its members or actors surveyed and understood, and the overall performance of the network interpreted in relationship to the individual analysis of the members or actors of the network.
Rather, Cleopas has not understood the full import of all the scriptural prophecies.
In fact, the seventh chapter explores how this elusiveness is also the reason the kitab cannot be understood as a fixed, closed corpus.
The role of race is often invisible in public debate, the meaning of racial equality is distorted, and racism is usually understood as a matter of individual attitudes, not a system of rules.
even the most abstract and avant-garde, can be better understood and appreciated.
A brand has to be understood as a vital strategic asset that requires the understanding and input of virtually all aspects of a business or all departments in a company.
Market research helps us ensure that the growers' wants and needs are fully understood and folded into the equation.
Or, to put it another way, this Marvell is revealed even more profoundly that we have hitherto understood as our most important "son of Milton.
Visionaries of the past have understood the value of lifelong learning in mankind's quest to develop its highest potential.
Those who have understood and applied technology to its fullest have attained the broadest productivity increases.
As the text was translated into Matthew's Greek, parthenos is used, which usually is understood as "virgin.
The biological interplay of DNA, proteins, and other subcellular components in supporting the necessary functions of life--in this case, a very simple bacterium--would be completely understood.
I want to argue against an excessive emphasis on the cultural creation of subjectivity, and to argue that witchcraft and exorcism, those most alien of early modern social phenomena, or courtship and ritual, those seemingly irreducibly collective early modern social events, cannot be understood without reference to their psychic dimension.