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a statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said

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If an auditor cannot identify and verify any such limiting factors (such as space or production capacity) that would enable reasonable estimation of probable maximum revenue understatement, it is ordinarily necessary to view the inherent risk as significant and subject to mitigation only in the presence of suitably designed controls that have been adequately tested and found to be operating effectively.
446, where the original due date of the return for the taxable year of the understatement occurs before the IRS consents to the change.
The first issue addresses whether a return preparer is subject to an understatement penalty under IRC [section] 6694(b) if the tax return wasn't filed.
6015(c) election, the liability of the electing individual for a joint return understatement cannot exceed the amount determined to be the separate liability of that person.
Did you know that Carolyn Spradley's Understatement business has been sold for an undisclosed sum?
In this reading the poem seems to invoke litotes, the rhetorical trope of understatement familiar from the bumper sticker "One atom bomb can spoil your whole day," but the usual form requires a strong sense of the scale of the event against which the understatement plays.
To say you're the "glue" of your organization would be an understatement .
It helped, he said with typical understatement, "that my first newsletter was extremely successful.
Spicy however is an understatement as we are treated to a heist, an intriguing vampire, steamy erotica, and some rather expensive diamonds.
To say we have an interest in this work and rely on it as a stable market is an understatement," Zogg said.
Risking understatement, we conclude that this deprivation is severe enough to engage the Due Process Clause.
But his critiques of bureaucracies, such as the "top-secret" Cognitive Institute, fail as satire or anything else--though a visit to the Organization of Women Married to Homosexuals scores through comic understatement.
A lot's done happened since you been gone," is something of an understatement in a line from Harlem Redux Four years after dropping out of Harlem society, civil rights attorney David McKay returns to its most-prominent neighborhood Striver's Row, devastated by his sister Lilian's suicide.
Considering the size of the gifts coming in from successful Princeton grads, that may be the understatement of the year.
Prior to 1998, to qualify for relief from joint liability, the spouse claiming to be "innocent" had to prove: 1) that the liability at issue was the result of a joint return; 2) that the return had a substantial understatement of tax, which exceeded certain limits in amount and percentage of adjusted gross income, and that the understatement was due to grossly erroneous items of the "non-innocent" spouse; 3) that in signing the return, the innocent spouse did not know, and had no reason to know, of the substantial understatement of tax; and 4) that, under the facts and circumstances, it would be inequitable to hold the innocent spouse liable for the tax deficiency.