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in an intelligible manner

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Home Secretary Amber Rudd - understandably, inevitably and naturally - issued a statement of defiance.
Talk about new movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus understandably centres around the tragic death of Heath Ledger and the A-ist cast who replaced him - Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell.
There was criticism on the Betfair forum of Fanning's disinclination to use the whip, but the horse had visibly picked up for a shake of the reins and, although understandably a bit green, didn't appear to be idling.
The girl is, understandably, bonkers; perhaps Gilliam, or source novel writer Mitch Cullin, wants to indicate that that's the only way she could possibly get along in a world of insane adults.
The understandably melancholic tone of the preface of the first edition continues throughout the new edition of the book; Shahak and Mezvinsky have an almost unvaryingly suspicious view of Jewish fundamentalism with regard to peace with the Arabs and democracy inside Israel.
Logan's mother, Becky Hill, was understandably extremely grateful to Joe for having saved her little boy.
This last comment has, understandably, stirred up more than a bit of controversy
With such potential, farmers are understandably curious.
After 2004 produced a level of sustained strong prices for many nonferrous metals, some traders are understandably nervous about what 2005 will bring.
Therefore, I understandably was attracted to your editor's letter in the November 2004 issue ("Mea Culpa," p.
Understandably, however, you'll need to use an external drive for access to CDs and DVDs.
Health authorities understandably complain that the condoms are not "properly utilized.
That's understandably difficult where the clash between science and politics is inevitable and the pressure is relentless from politicians with partisan agendas and political appointees maneuvering for power.
His movement understandably has drawn the ire of local plantation owners and government officials in Washington who covet Florida's undeveloped lands as much as they want to protect their slave labor.