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inadequate in number of workers or assistants etc.

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Nurses union PASYNO said that no matter how many plans were drafted as regards hospital autonomy and the NHS, no reform would be effective if hospitals remain understaffed.
In addition to funding shortages and understaffed call centers, Oliver put some blame on the callers themselves.
Council members admit fixing the call center problems won't fix issues within the NOPD, which continues to be understaffed.
The writers stated that they were constantly understaffed and unable to take time off because of the need to fill in for the shortages.
He said: "Historically the DMS has been 35% understaffed, with headline figures of a 42% staff shortfall in anaesthesia and intensive care medicines, 50% in psychiatrists and 25% in GPs.
An example of a neutral reason is an understaffed prosecutor's office (United States v.
Synopsis: Even as millions of Americans are searching for work, 38% of those who do have a job say their company is understaffed.
Summary: An understaffed Prague clinic has signed up nurses by offering liposuction and tummy tucks as a bonus.
Indeed, according to a Government Accountability Office report summarized by Gardiner Harris of the New York Times: "The FDA is so understaffed .
He said the city Fire Department is understaffed and getting older, trends that he would reverse.
However, because the hospital was understaffed, Nurse Legette had to reposition the patient without assistance.
These actions by the CSU management leave our students in danger, leave the university understaffed, and leave our community at risk of permanent damage to the educational opportunity the CSU should represent,'' said James David Ballard, president of the California Faculty Association's CSUN chapter.
For the first three weeks of my mother being hospitalised, she was a patient at the UHW and although you could not fault the commitment of the staff on the ward you were always under the impression that they were understaffed and you felt that by stopping to ask them questions you were holding them back from attending to someone else.
Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital announced that it will cease performing abortions because their obstetrics department is overworked and understaffed.