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According to his analysis, that year the NT government underspent on Indigenous housing, roads, welfare and services to community by $334m, while overspending on services to industry and other areas by $375 million.
And this is the same political party who underspent the money sent up by London by hundreds of millions.
The report went on: "The DfT accepted a cut to its in-year budget of pounds 683m and then underspent on its revised budget by over pounds 1bn, calling into question whether the in-year cut (of pounds 683m) was necessary.
COUNCILLORS say serious questions needed to be asked why an authority had underspent by pounds 3.
Birmingham schools which significantly underspent included George Dixon International School and Sixth Form College in Edgbaston, which failed to spend 25 per cent if its annual income, leaving it with a surplus of pounds 1.
5 million from the Eastern Cape, Free-State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Western Cape because they underspent on their budgets.
The Home Office presented two versions - one showing it overspent by pounds 68million, another showing it underspent by pounds 112million.
The Northumberland Care Trust underspent by pounds 244,000; North Tyneside Primary Care Trust by pounds 121,000; and Sunderland Teaching Primary Care trust by pounds 89,000.
You will probably be aware that the first tranche of objective one money was underspent.
MORE than a third of Scots councils underspent their roads budgets by a total of pounds 28million last year, according to the AA.
8 percent to P493 billion last year but the government still underspent against its target mainly due to procurement woes.
In 2012, it underspent by P62 billion; in 2013, by P104 billion; and in 2014, by P303 billion.
THE Scottish Government were accused of being too careful with their cash yesterday after a report showed they underspent last year's budget by almost PS350million.
The Chief Executive's Office underspent by PS38,106.
Overtime budgets "continue to be closely managed and monitored" and police overtime is currently pounds 23,600 underspent with a small forecast overspend by the year end.