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sell cheaper than one's competition


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VOD platforms deliver the most consistent content/ad playback experience, but on-demand services are the most immature and undersold at present
Farmland in Bangor, a retail park in Anglesey and Wrexham industrial estate were included in the package of land, that may have been undersold to the tune of around PS9m.
As well as its Never Knowingly Undersold policy, which sees it match rivals' special offers, its brand-match campaign at supermarket arm Waitrose cost millions of pounds.
A test in Harlem includes "super buys" and a group of staples on which the retailer promises it will not be undersold.
May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), and Life Insurance Selling is using the occasion to present four feature articles designed to not only increase awareness of what is often regarded as the most undersold product in the business, but also to teach producers how to market DI plans to employers and individuals.
Andy is now planning a number of gigs around the North East to spread the word about Oonagh Cassidy and hopes to attract local talent to the label as he believes the region has undersold itself as a hotbed of musical talent in recent years.
In Phoenix we feel the market is soft but undersold, and we think a recovery is on the horizon.
Deacon says: "For a long time now we have really undersold ourselves and relied upon our 40 years experience to drive us forward.
At the same time, lenders profit from niche products that are difficult to price and therefore often undersold by brokers.
Every seller thinks they have undersold their property, and every buyer thinks they have overpaid.
The Keith Mitchell administration has sought to renegotiate the sale of GRENLEC to WRB, saying a previous administration had undersold the business.
Unfortunately, the Government (motto: public realm always undersold whenever possible) had commissioned a design-and-build project, which as its ghastly nature was revealed when it began to emerge out of the ground, caused a huge local and national public outcry.
International Trade Commission (ITC), which adjudicated them, categorically affirmed CASM's contention that the Chinese government had illegally underwritten an export drive which undersold and materially injured the U.
Our school was about to be pulled down, the education system was in a bit of a mess, but Miss Wooliter, Miss McMahon and Mr Flanagan kept our sports teams going in the midst of the teachers' strikes of the 80s, they gave up lunch breaks to coach us and made sure that we never undersold ourselves.