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Synonyms for underslung

supported from above especially in a vehicle having springs attached to the axle from below

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having a lower part projecting beyond the upper

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having a low center of gravity


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AS buses are supposedly a public service why can't they be adapted to carry ladders and tradesmen's tools via a trailer/side or underslung ladder/roof rack) so that banned drivers can continue to contribute to the economy in these austere times?
To achieve this target, Carrier Transicold took the innovative Vector 1850 and produced a unique, low noise unit with the reefer's diesel engine underslung on the chassis in a specially insulated cabinet to offer well-measured and quantifiable improvements.
The vehicle is multi-temperature and has an underslung tail-lift.
Technically they were number two to the aircraft with the engines underslung the wings.
The capacity hike to 650cc should give the old girl some new life and the distinctive underslung exhaust, which looks far better than Buell's version, has a catalytic converter to keep the emissions lobby happy.
The payload for weapons should include underslung pylons for carrying gun pods, and the aircraft should be capable carrying other light armament as well.
The man in the painting has the big chin and underslung lower lip visible in portraits of Titian when he was older.
A second Bond employee was onshore acting as loadmaster for the helicopter's underslung lifting operations.
Reprise Rond bath, from pounds 524; Cipriani WC, from pounds 436; shower, from a selection, all Sottini (01482 449 513); underslung sink, from a selection, Showerlux (024 7663 9400); Adams antique gold bath/shower mixer taps, pounds 519; monobloc basin mixer, pounds 211, both Samuel Heath (0121 7664 200); Haut Provence tiles, pounds 3.
The underslung keyboard tray ensures correct ergonomic positioning in relation to the height of the user's chair and site lines to the monitor.
This walk is typified by turned-out feet, underslung (tucked under) hips, slumped shoulders, and a forward position of the head.
The V3s (also known as Kukris) are carried on top of the stub wing, leaving the two conventional underslung hardpoints free for rocket pods and anti-tank guided weapons.
Among the cars crossing the auction block is a 1907 American Underslung Roadster, one of only six prototypes, valued between $400,000-$600,000.
Tenders are invited for Suspension Bracket For Underslung Water Tank To Drg.
Tony Ingham explains: "This is actually an intelligent cargo hook for helicopter pilots who need to underslung carry loads.