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Synonyms for undersized

Synonyms for undersized

smaller than normal for its kind


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Anglers fishing Roker Pier have taken mainly undersized codling with some decent flounders coming from the end of the pier.
This "backward" rotation helps retain the oversized material longer and also allows the undersized material that freely travels down the inclined deck to be more efficiently removed from the oversized.
ae and fill in the open letter directed to restaurants and supermarkets that still stock undersized fish or endangered species.
Fisheries inspector Phil Capper with an undersized fish
If the system mentioned above is only able to pull 600cfm from the house (due to undersized ductwork), then it is not performing at its rated efficiency.
The company's complete inventory of stock parts includes standard Isobar heat pipes in metric and undersized stock.
Undersized material is collected for additional testing or removal from the circuit.
An obstacle facing business growth in the area is the undersized workforce, he says.
When times are good, there's no need for fishermen to sell undersized lobster.
0) if the undersized infant is also born moderately or very preterm.
Eleven anglers weighed in, with one flounder and five rockling completing the picture, though a lot of undersized fish were caught.
faced that challenge a year ago when it tried to injection mold a large LSR part on an undersized press.
To help insure that the system is not undersized, these standards are usually very conservative (i.
Residents of Khayelitsha are prohibited from building permanent structures on the sandy plots, so houses are patched together with undersized beams, laminate wood, and rusty corrugated metal sheets.
It may be provided by an undersized nose guard who begins playing like a mad man against a murderous running game.